The many layers of Silver. How to buy real Sterling silver 925

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After many purchases on ebay some disappointing but many mostly delightful! I discovered a whole new language when trying to buy REAL SOLID 100% sterling silver 925! Why the quest? suffering from a metal allergy that gave me a HIDEOUS rash when I wore anything that was not gold or stainless steel or solid sterling silver 925, I wanted to save others to avoid disappointment from mistake purchases.The idea to write this guide came about when my sister in law whose english is a second language accidently bought sterling silver overlay jewellery thinking it was real solid sterling silver 925, so I had to write her a list for her to help her devise between fake silver and real silver. I have outlined in this guide what words to AVOID if you want to purchase solid sterling silver 925.

Please watch out for these words in titles or item descriptions, sterling silver 925 OVERLAY, sterling silver 925 Flash (this one makes me giggle), sterling silver 925 ACCENT, sterling silver 925 plated, GERMAN SILVER, ALPACA SILVER, TIBETAN SILVER, Sterling silver 925 FILLED, Sterling silver 925 BONDED, silver tone, sterling silver 925 layer over copper. These are the main ones that I have encountered, please do inbox me if you come across any others as I will be very amused and glad to add to the list!

Genuine sterling silver 925 items are generally described as SOLID 100% solid sterling silver 925, some items are hallmarked 925 or STERLING. If a product is marked as STERLING you can rest assured the item is 100% solid sterling silver 925. If in doubt about an item, please do inbox the seller and ask if their item is plated or real and state you have a metal allergy! Some are very unclear especially when asking sellers in Asia and can be very confusing in their replies. I know with the jewels I purchased from Asia hardly any turned out to be real solid sterling silver 925 even though they were hallmarked 925. The only way we knew for sure was when I wore the item for a few days and developed a rash, or the appearance was TOO BRIGHT SHINY NEW not like the real gentle hue of silver that often real silver looks like. Also another trick I learned is real solid sterling silver 925 does not stick to a magnet! Although the magnet did fail to stick on products that were HEAVILY coated in sterling silver. To take the silver testing adventure further, my sister invested is a sterling silver tester! it was the best thing she bought! it works when you rub the silver in question on a special stone, you put a drop of acid on the place where the silver was rubbed on the stone then you look in a little magnifying glass at the color. Real sterling silver 925 has RED FLECKS showing in the acid, anything else will have NO COLOR or just fade out!
Another thing to watch out for is PRICE if an item is listed very very low and seems to good to be true, do have your reservations, especially if the item is NEW and not PRE OWNED. I have seen many BUY IT NOW cheap "Sterling silver 925" items that have turned out to be sterling silver 925 FILLED. PRE OWNED items listed at a low price are usually auction items and the seller can inform you more about the product in hopefully their description, or item specifics are usually solid sterling silver 925. Be very careful of buying jewellery from China, and some seller stores in India. Remember IT DOESN'T HURT TO ASK before buying!
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