The nicest people in the world can be found on eBay!

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I have had many dealings on eBay both as a seller and buyer and I must just say that there are some truly wonderful people out there.  In this modern world of ours email, messenger and SMS have contributed to our feelings of disconnection to each other as we no longer truly communicate.  But then here is eBay where you can often encounter the nicest people who will treat you with more politeness and respect than you could possibly ever hope for when dealing face to face in a physical store.  And the truly amazing part is that it crosses international borders.  I have had dealings with eBayers in the US and UK who are so wonderfully professional, honest and kind in all their dealings with their eBay business. 

But how does this phenomenon happen?  My theory is that it stems from the Feedback system.  The power to let others know how you were treated during your transaction is huge!

And talk to each other, communicate with your trading partners.  Sellers, dropping a line to let your buyer know their item has been posted does wonders for their confidence that they are in good hands.  Buyers, dropping a line to let your seller know that your payment has been sent does wonders for letting them know you are reliable. Better still use the Checkout.

So embrace Feedback and the systems that are in place for us to use.  They are there to protect and inform us.  And you never quite know, you may just have a wonderful shopping experience or even make a friend.

Happy eBaying!!!

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