The origins of Lorenzo and Isabel Castañer

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Castañer is the name of a family whose work, dedication and view of future has named a great brand.
The origins of Castañer date back to 1776 with the birth of Rafael Castañer, the first espadrille maker of the family. Having evolved from the once small workshop, today’s company was founded in 1927 by Luis Castañer and his cousin Tomás Serra. The firm lived through a number of vicissitudes, such as the Spanish Civil War in 1936; since soldiers were sent to the front wearing espadrilles, Castañer’s products were considered of military interest and the company was nationalised.
At the end of the 60s, Lorenzo and Isabel Castañer (the next generation) met Yves Saint Laurent in Paris who commissioned the first wedge espadrille in history. With this great innovation, which transformed a peasant’s shoe into a fashionable luxurious consumer good compatible with the runway, the brand took off. Since then, Castañer has seduced other first-rate fashion houses.
The espardenya or espadrille has also established its iconic presence in cultural imagery, having been the shoe of choice of intellectuals, of Hollywood actors such as Grace Kelly and Scarlett Johansson, of Jacqueline Kennedy, and of artists like painter Salvador Dalí. Today, its international presence reaches 35 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The first country to show an interest in the firm was Denmark, where 100,000 pairs were sold in a single year. Since then, exports have continued to grow, and today represent 80% of turnover; Italy is the primary exporting market followed by France and Japan.

Castañer is celebrating the 2013 spring-summer by launching a great collection meant to fit all styles.
From the most casual and versatile slippers to the boldest wedges. Everything ready to wear on your feet on any occasion, in strong and thrilling colours.
The Castañer print which has given name and international presence to the Firm can be found in all proposals for this new season.  The creative, intelligent and sophisticated style is taking form in this collection so as to get off and walk determinedly in a stylish way during the sunniest months of the year.
A surprising alliance, the result of the jute tradition combined with the elegance of natural silk. First class models which give off elegance and style at every step (Coty, Ita and Petra)
History is written at every step and, with this line, Castañer wants to render homage to the moments lived in everyone´s history, in an outburst of colour and freshness.
Frenzy high wedges made with cork varnished in fluor shades and combined with patent leather. Everything in appealing colours to attract all looks.
A wide variety of slippers, perfect to give a chic touch to an urban look. Many types of jute, cork and fabric lined wedges …. Combined in different heights, offer a broad universe of options to dress today´s woman on every occasion.
Without leaving men aside. For this summer they have got plenty of possibilities at their disposal. From the most classic models of the firm to the most daring printed items so as to be able to enjoy the days of warm weather.

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