The problem with wax.

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Some people believe there is no other way to protect your cars paint than to wax it.
This may have been true in the not so distant past but today wax poses a series of problems that can easily be avoided by not using wax on your car.
What's wrong with wax?
Well to start with WAX IS AN ORGANIC a plant by product closely related to tree sap.
It does not shine on it's own, it must be leveled by buffing it to make it shine.
Being an organic it has a brief life span and a decay point.
When the wax has reached the end of its life span, it will begin to decay.
Since the additives used in wax may differ, so is the way in which wax will decay.
Some wax will harden and flake off.
Some wax will haze up
Some wax will yellow
All wax will dull and have to be removed.
This is normal in the life cycle of a wax job.
In addition wax cannot be used on the vehicles vinyl trim.
or applied in direct sunlight or freezing temperatures.
Wax is wasteful only about 5% actually stays on your car which makes it expensive and inefficient.
It does not end there, remember when wax has come to the end of it's life cycle and begins to decay, it must be removed.
The safest way is with dishwashing liquid because it can strip wax without the use of abrasives.
But there are con men in almost every forum you go to telling you not to use dishwashing liquid and that you have to use clay among other things to remove wax.
Clay is abrasive, in the process of removing your wax clay can damage your finish, requiring you to resort to another abrasive POLISH to correct the imperfections created by the clay.
While polish will smooth out the surface, It will take wax to bring back the shine.
And you start all over again. This is how the con men  get you.
Avoid this runaround by using a non organic paint protectant.
There are several on the market that will out perform wax at a fraction of the cost, when you consider the cost associated with maintaining a wax shine on your car.
Remember the paint on your vehicle is non organic a synthetic with no decay point.
The smart thing to do is protect your paint with a non organic protectant.
Some like glazes are similar to wax in the application and do share some of the flaws when it comes to the ability to be used on vinyl.
But glazes are polymer based and will not decay
Higher up is the acrylic paint conditioner, it is non organic with a infinite life span and can be used on vinyl. 99% of it will stay on your paint. There is virtually no waste.
In addition the acrylic paint conditioner can be applied in all temperatures and never has to be removed.
At the bottom of the scale are water based spray liquids.
They can be used on vinyl also
These liquids generally offer no moisture protection but they are easy to apply and much easier removed.
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