The story of my Sony Memory Card

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The story of my Sony Memory Card

I read many many guides about Memory Cards and i find that the writers are not happy with the Memory Card there getting.

But this is my story,
i bourght a PSP which contained a small 32 mg sony memory Stick, so i thought i would buy a 2 GD. I went to 6 shops and i found out they were more then $200! so i went one ebay. I checked  guides (they All said there fake and so and so) but when i saw the feedback of the buyers i found out that every single person who got that memory card were happy. So i reckon these people who write guides saying the seller didn't send me the right one i say read the feedbacks before buying!!!

My seller was very good,  when i clicked on buy it now i was shaking  that if the guides were true i would get ripped off. It said deilvery was in 2 weeks but i got mine in 4 days and he gave me a free memory card adaptor.

I was shaking so bad when i was putting the card in my PSP (i nearly dropped it). When I turned it on it was right it was 191MB (thats what the seller said). I was so happy, the first thing i did was feedback him


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