There is no such thing as a defenceless person.

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Most people think an unarmed person is defenceless. This is nonsense! Regardless of sex, size or age everyone has weapons that nature has given them. These weapons are little utilised as a modern approach to living conditions has evolved with humans, resulting in people not even knowing such weapons exist.

Unlike animals, man uses tools. Because of this, man has lost the art of using various parts of his body as tools and weapons. For example a lion has powerful teeth in a powerful jaw and has claws as sharp as knifes. His hefty body acts as a battering ram, all weapons he puts to use and for that is know as the "King of Beasts".

What weapons do human beings then possess? You may be suprised to know that of all creatures man has the most number of weapons, although sadly to say rarely used. As a result he is left feeling like he is defenseless, when in reality, he is the best armed of all living creatures.

Studying a professional fighting match really draws out a revelation, because if you watch closely, you will see that one or both start using his fists, head, feet and even his teeth. Yes! These are weapons found on you body. Utilise them. Try out your weapons - right now! Once you have discovered these weapons you will be able to increase your confidence and then in turn defeat your apponent with leaps and bounds. Go on! Try your weapons! Now, don't you feel confident? But before using them, make sure you try them out.

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