Things To Remember About SecondHand Camera's

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Using a film camera can be a rewarding experience, especially in these days of modern digital technology. For those who prefer film and lets face it only high end digital camera's come anywhere close to a good quality film SLR.

First lets look at what type of camera you are after.

  • SLR
  • Compact
  • Rangefinder
  • Medium Format

The above camera's cover different needs to the buyer. For the beginner a Rangefinder camera is the way to start. Lets look a a few good qualities about this camera and things to look for when purchasing.

  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Manual operation

Look for scratches on the lens and body defects such as missing buttons or levers.

For a more experienced photographer a SLR ( single lens reflex )camera may be more appropriate. Benifits include but limited to

  • Greater flexabilty in taking photo's
  • Interchangable lens
  • In built light meters ( on newer models)
  • Manual or Programable functions

Ask for detailed photo's on the item. A visual inspection will normally show up defects. Try to stay away from camera's that have been dropped. SLR camera's are have tiny parts that can be damaged by mishandling.

For a experienced photographer or just to try something different, medium format camera's are the next choice.There a several different sizes. These are the more popular sizes.

  • 4 x 6
  • 6 x 7

Medium format camera's are becoming less exspensive to buy as proffesional photographers head towards digital to compete in their industry. What does this mean to us the consumer.

  • More affordable
  • Better quality equipment
  • Ideal starting point to seriously take up this fine hobby

Most importantly be sure to ask your seller to provide detailed photographs of any equipment to are interested in.

A good seller will always provide this and any infomation relating to the product they are selling.

With ALL secondhand camera's dents, scratches , dust , fungus can seriously affect the camera's performance.

Last but not least enjoy your new camera and keep the medium of film alive.



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