Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Materials

Outdoor furniture can convert an otherwise boring outdoor space into a beautiful alfresco living room. But since the furniture is going to be exposed to some harsher elements, homeowners can’t simply choose furnishings the same way they would for an indoor space. Understanding the fundamentals that come with choosing furniture that’s built to withstand the great outdoors will help buyers pick furniture that they can enjoy for years to come.


The Outdoor Space

Before planning a design, it is imperative that shoppers have a clear idea of how much outdoor space they have to work with. For a large yard, patio, or den, they can look into larger outdoor sofa sets. For smaller spaces, individual chairs and seats might be more ideal. Homeowners should also keep fixtures and traffic in mind when considering the available space. Any furniture should still leave enough room for people to freely move up and about the area.


The Furniture’s Purpose

Another thing to consider prior to shopping for outdoor furniture is the intended use of the outdoor space. Will it be used for entertainment? Or just a cosy hang-out for a lazy afternoon? Will it be a lounge or a dining area? Depending on the space’s designated use, appropriate outdoor furniture may range from sofa sets and hammocks to full dining sets or individual Adirondack chairs.


Man-Made vs. Natural Materials

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of diverse materials. While personal preference is a major factor when choosing materials, durability and price – plus purpose-built design – also come into play. Materials are generally categorised as man-made or natural. Here’s a quick guide to help shoppers decide for themselves which materials work best in their situation.


Type of Materials






Furniture made of hardwoods like oak, cherry, and teak can withstand harsh elements and last for many years. Hardwoods are very dense, so this type of furniture tends to be very heavy.

Hardwood furniture can be very expensive and difficult to move around.


Furniture made of softwood tends to be relatively light and easy to move around. Softwood furniture is usually more affordable than hardwood furniture.

Even with the proper treatment, softwood furniture is susceptible to rotting and may not last as long as hardwood furniture.


Furniture made of stone is relatively low-maintenance and could last a lifetime. Often, stonework furniture comes in interesting shapes and is much a piece of art as a practical furnishing.

Since stone furniture is hard to produce, the best examples can be very expensive. Even with padding, stone seats aren't always comfortable.

Man Made



Furniture made of aluminium is affordable, lightweight, and available in a number of designs. It resists corrosion, even when left in the open.

Although it will not rust, aluminium tends to become blotchy and show other discolourations over time.

Wrought iron

Wrought-iron furniture can lend a traditional, luxurious, or classic look to any backyard. It does not tip easily, even during windy days.

It can be very expensive, hard to move around, and can get rusty if not maintained properly. Also, wrought-iron furniture can get quite hot in sunny, warm climates.


Plastic furniture is quite affordable, and comes in diverse colours and styles. This lightweight furniture is also easy to move around.

Plastic furniture doesn't have the opulent look and elegant design of wood or metal furniture. Depending on the type of plastic used, it can easily crack and may last for only a few years.


Design and Style in Outdoor Furniture

The overall design and look of outdoor pieces should be consistent with the house’s style and architecture. The outdoor area of a home should flow well with its indoor space. Thus, shoppers should aim for pieces of outdoor furniture that harmonise well with the rest of the home’s overall look and feel.


How to Shop for Outdoor Furniture on eBay

Whether homeowners are striving for a contemporary, minimalist, or even an eclectic design, eBay offers many options for outdoor furniture. To access the available choices, go to the Home & Garden category on eBay’s homepage. Then select “Furniture” and “Outdoor Furniture.” Refine the search further by typing specific types of furniture – for example, “sofa” or “table and chairs” – into the search bar.
To take advantage of bargains, shoppers can check out eBay Deals for outdoor furniture on sale.
With the range of options available, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to designing an outdoor space. Shoppers just need to put in the effort and browse through those options to get to the furniture that suits their taste and needs.

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