Things to Look for when Buying a Magnetic Underlay

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1.       Country of Manufacturer

Always read the label before you purchase your magnetic underlay.  There are many companies in the market that are selling cheap and inferior products made in countries that use ‘sweatshops’ to produce their items.  Just because it says ‘Australian Wool/Cotton’ does not mean that it is made in Australia.  If for any reason the label does not tell you where the item is manufactured, this should be an indication that the supplier does not want you to know.


2.       Best Quality/Best Price

This is one area that can cost you as the customer a lot of money.  You can pay too much for a magnetic underlay and you need to be aware that there are cheap imitations on the market that are marked up extremely high to give the customer the illusion that it is a high quality item.


3.       Design and Quality

Read all the details and product description of the product before you make a purchase.  There are a few simple questions you can ask the supplier:

Where is the underlay made?

Where do the materials come from?

Is the cover machine washable?

How long have they been in business?

Remember that many underlays are made in countries where there is cheap labour.


4.       The Number of Magnets

The biggest rule here is to compare apples with apples.  Unfortunately many companies do not advertise the number of magnets used in their underlay’s which usually means they are of lesser strength and quality.  The number of magnets used in an underlay will directly impact on the underlay’s therapeutic benefits.

The greater number of magnets and magnetic Gauss strength could possibly mean the difference between disappointment and having some pain relief.


5.       Magnet Strength

This is probably one of the most important things to look at when buying a magnetic underlay.  An acceptable measure of magnetic strength is Surface Gauss.  There are many companies in the market that advertise they are using over 3000 core gauss which to the untrained person seems a very strong magnet however in reality this is only about 1000 surface gauss.


Beware of some companies that use descriptive words such as ‘Powerful’ but in fact they will not tell you the strength of the magnets, which means they do not want you to know.


6.       Does the Product Work and is it Comfortable?

Sleep is the most important thing to keep us going on a daily basis so your underlay has to be comfortable and easy to sleep on.  The magnets need to be close to your body so that you are getting the best therapeutic benefit.  The underlay’s need to be comfortable, there is nothing worse than having a magnet stuck in your back during the night.  The comfortness of the underlay can vary from cheap wadding/foam to convoluted bases


7.       Are there any bonuses

Everyone loves to get something extra when they buy an item.  Many companies offer magnetic pillowcases.  We offer our customers bonuses worth over $150.00 including FREE postage anywhere in Australia.


Now is the time to take a look at our fantastic range of Magnetic Products we have available for immediate dispatch.

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