Things to take into account when eating healthy

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Hi all, A Guide on 'Things To Take Into Account When Eating Healthy'

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There is a vibrant debate in health circles about whether organic food is healthier. Some believe that the chemicals in conventional foods are just as safe and healthy as the expensive organic alternatives. Organic food advocates would argue the opposite.

Everyone agrees that organic options have just as many calories as non-organic options. So even if it is organic, make sure you pay attention to your calorie intake. You should always consult your doctor before making drastic changes to your diet and your lifestyle. Excess body fat is hard on your body. It's hard on your heart because it needs to work extra hard to push blood through your larger body.

Your body builds extra veins that run through the extra body fat and has to work harder to push blood through those veins. Excess body weight is also hard on your muscles and joints. Carrying around extra weight puts more pressure on your knees, hips, and back. While this might not have a huge effect in your youth, you will feel it as you get older. Any drastic change in your diet can cause constipation, so make sure you eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables, and other naturally high fiber foods. Your digestive system will typically adjust after a week or two, but you should consult your doctor if it continues. (Other good sources of fiber include: flax seed, psyllium, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and beans!--

Remember, you can always look at the nutrition facts to see the daily percentage of fiber given in different foods. For fresh, unpackaged foods, you can look up nutrition facts online; although, it usually won't ever hurt you to eat fresh, unpackaged fruits and veggies!) Make sure there isn't a lot of unhealthy food in your house that can tempt you. Give or throw away the foods you shouldn't eat.

You can't eat what you don't buy! Please do not underfeed yourself. Even if you have extra body fat, do not let yourself go hungry. That is worse than being fat. Eating the right food and exercising daily is a much better way to lose weight! SUGAR DOES NOT = FAT. That is a common misconception. The truth is, that high sugar foods are considered "fatty" because typically, those are the foods that have the most fat and calories.

Consider chocolate: a typical chocolate bar has over 13 grams of fat and 200 calories. The sugar is not to blame, just what is assoicated with it. Sugar does not turn into fat in your body. Don't ever under-eat. Going hungry or skipping meals will actually make you put on weight. Your body will think you're experiencing famine so will hoard all the fats you ingest to see you through a time of little food.

This will make you feel lathargic, depressed and listless. Diets don't work. Don't think you can just eat well for a few months then go back to a diet of junk food and expect to stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life. You need to completely revolutionise your lifestyle. It's hard work but it's worth it.

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