Things to think about with electrilcal Powered Devices

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You need to be aware that different countries have different electrical standards.
For example
 Most of Europe and Asia  uses 220-240v at 50 Htz
                                                USA uses 110v at 60Htz
There are many others so do some research
If you plug an American device into a European power point the rusults will be catastrophoic usually the device will be damaged beyound repair
and in extreme cases you will get  enough extra power dissapated to cause a fire!!
But if you plug a European appliance into an American power point the results are usually that the device simply wont work.
Motors may be damaged because the under voltage may cause stalling and excess current draw.
If you are buying   electrical items  Always check its  makers plate for the voltage it is designed to run on before you plug it into power.
If you are unsure about it, get competent advice. That bargain can burn your house down or electrocute you
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