Think Outside the Designer Label Square

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As any shopaholic would admit, Ebay is a wealth of treasures when it comes to clothing.  Unfortunately a large part of our energies goes into searching for that "perfect" designer piece which is at a price point that still allows us to pay the rent/mortgage, fill the fridge and pay the transport costs!  

What many of us fail to realise is that there are a number of stores and listings which can provide the shopaholics fashion fix without breaking the budget! We just need to think outside the designer label square! Some of you may gasp in disbelief, but the point I am making is that it is possible to supplement your wardrobe with these less expensive items worn back with your designer labels and locate these labels in Ebay.
Remember – if you mix and match your existing designer wardrobe with a few inexpensive pieces, in most cases passers by merely assume you are in 100% label!

As you can see popping up everywhere are the less expensive clothing stores selling labels such as Avocado etc, which usually stock designer inspired pieces.  You can find these types of products on Ebay by searching under Japanese Fashion, Korean Fashion, these items are actually new and funky designs better than what you would find at Avocado or SES.  You will find a wealth of products in this area and what you may find will surprise you!

If you are looking for these types of inexpensive pieces there are some key guidelines.

  • Be aware sizing is usually a little smaller than the Australian Sizing so if something is noted as Large be sure to ask the seller or confirm the Large is not actually a size 10!
  • Fabrics, this can make or break a clothing item whether you paid $100 or $15.  For example where you are reviewing an item in polyester don’t expect this to look or feel like silk because it wont and in the end you will be disappointed. 
  • If the pictures displayed are only of models and magazines do not be afraid to ask the seller for pictures of the real item.  This will ensure that you do not receive an item that looked quite different from the picture

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