Think You Might Be Pregnant?

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What are some of the symptoms of pregnancy?
Missed period
Sore, tender breasts or nipples
Lack of energy
Change of appetite
Feeling bloated
Becoming moody

Please note that a lot of these symptoms are also signs that your period may be coming. If you are worried about being pregnant you may be paying much more attention to your body than you usually do and interpreting normal premenstrual symptoms as pregnancy symptoms.

How can I tell for sure if I'm pregnant?
The only way to know is to test. There are two different types of tests - blood or urine. You can perform a urine test on your own. Simply purchase a test or tests off eBay or pharmacy. Home pregnancy tests have become extremely accurate and will give you a reliable result if done at least two weeks after the time conception might have occurred. A blood test can be done by your doctor.

When should I test?
You can test as early as up to five days before your period is suppose to start. Keep in mind though that the earlier you test, the more likely you are going to get a false negative. It is often best to wait until at least the day that you expect to get your period. If your period is irregular and you don't know when to expect it a good rule of thumb to go by is to test about two weeks after you think you might have conceived.

What if my test is negative and I still have symptoms?
There is a chance that you may be pregnant but the HCG level isn't high enough to detect. Wait a week and test again. If the tests continue to turn out negative and you still haven't gotten your period or are still having symptoms, call your doctor. There could be something else wrong.

What if I see a faint line?
If the line appeared within the time of the test (usually ten minutes), this is a positive result. You are almost certainly pregnant. You may want to repeat the test in two or three days to get a darker line. If the line appeared after the amount of time the test instructions said to wait, this may not be a positive result but may be an evaporative line (a false positive). If you still haven't gotten your period within a few days, repeat the test or see your doctor.

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