This is a guide on buying beautiful dress's on ebay

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There are so many fabulous dress available on ebay! Preloved or brand new with tags you are sure to look a million dollars for a fraction of the price by always keeping a look out and being smart and real about what it is you want. When buying a dress on ebay there a few things to always remember.

These problems are almost always met by the right communication with the seller.

First of all you need to remember to take note of the sellers location when looking for your size. it might sound obvious but i have come across asian sellers selling a size 6 on that is really a US6 so its aways best to ask.

If it is a small or fitted dress make sure you find out if the material is stretchy or if there are zips. Again sounds obvious but many dresses expecially marc jacobs from china are mirror copys, exept for the fact that they might have copied from a photo, meaning you could end up stuck, literaly!

Remember to check it comes with an underdress if made fromn see through material, sometimes the photos are a of models on the catwalk and its hard to tell so don't just asume.

Take note of postage. This applys to everything international. You might get excited by a cool pair of socks for only $0.99 but get an annoying suprise when paying as you relize the postage is$19.01! sound silly? happens all the time.

Don be scared to ask about authenticity! and if you dont get a reply your answer is FAKE!!! Not that i beleive there is anything wrong with items being inspired by brands but when you are spending large amounts of money its best to check! YOU could probley take a photo and some silk to your nan and copy the excact dress just as well... and remember dresses are different to bags in that the brand is just on the tag, most people can't tell... so it's more important the way its made and fits rather than whats faced downwards at the back of your neck!

When bidding always decide the absolute highest you can afford or agree to pay ( and write it down so it doesnt creep up) before you start bidding! Dont get stuck in a rut when theres 3 minutes left and you want to beat that idiot that keeps rocking you from your top spot.... but hang on is'nt that what auctions are all about? the fun of bidding, the hope of winning and fear of loosing? thats for you to decide.. but personally at the end of the day i would prefer to put petrol in the car rather then the satisfaction of beating a complete stranger that doesnt even know my name!

And last but not least i want to mention the words "in moderation"! Try to sell your old things when you buy something new! and don't be stindgy, im sure you grabbed a few bargains in your time so dont fret too much when your old gucci bag goes for only 30 bucks ( you win some you loose some!)  Say your going out and in the heat of the moment theres too much too choose from and your like "i've got nothing to wear"... heard it before? your boyfriends like "you've got TOO many clothes"! Wait a minute why is this? Each to their own but i found the solution in getting rid of everything that was 9 out of 10 and replacing them only with things i absolutley loved! Sure your wardrobes smaller.. but who need that supre dress from surca 2000 anyway? not you , but mabey someone in highschool who would love a abrgain for their mufty day... you know what to do sister! give back to the community.. few pictures, short description and voila your $10 dollars closer to that zimmerman dress you've always drempt of!


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