Those last few seconds of an auction!

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Don't you just hate it, as a buyer, when in the last minute the price seems to shoot up more than it has all week. Are you one of these buyers that places loads of bids at the end trying to win the item? This tactic may stop you from bidding too much, and ultimately keep the price down.

- In the last few minutes of the auction open two windows with the same item.

- Decide on the maximum you are willing to bid and follow through to the 'commit to buy' page on the first window. But don't bid!

- On the second window, keep refreshing the page down to the last 15 - 30 seconds (depending on your connection speed) and then click 'commit to buy' on the first window. Hopefully you will get the last bid in.

We don't guarantee this will work every time, but if it does, then you won't pay as much as if you were bidding every few seconds.

Next time you are in a bidding war, try it!

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