Throttle Buying Guide

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Throttle Buying Guide

Most people understand how important and useful automobiles are in modern times. However, these complex machines are often not well understood in terms of how they operate under the bonnet. Many drivers leave such complexities to repair professionals, although understanding a car on a more intricate level can be beneficial for both the driver and the vehicle. For example, one important aspect of a car is its throttle, which drivers can easily buy from car parts stores and auto shops and also online on websites like eBay. As long as the driver understands the necessary information about the throttle, such as what it does, how to service it, and its size, anyone can successfully buy a throttle for a car.

What Does the Throttle Do?

Understanding what a car's throttle does is extremely important knowledge to obtain and keep in mind. Doing so allows the driver to better grasp how to buy the right throttle for his or her car. In general, the throttle is one of the most crucial parts of a well-functioning vehicle. It controls the car's engine speed and, therefore, the overall speed of the vehicle. It does this through its attachment to the gas pedal. The harder the gas pedal is pressed in by the driver, the greater the amount of air that is released into the engine. Combined with a particular mix of fuel in the engine, the air causes internal combustion, which in turn gives the engine its power. The more the throttle is pressed by the gas pedal, the greater the air, and the greater the power.

Although it is generally all referred to as the throttle, a car's throttle is actually comprised of a series of smaller parts put together, including valves, tubes, and sensors. The main part of the throttle is the throttle body, although the body is also made up of several smaller parts.

Throttle Make

The make of the throttle plays an important role in how well the car operates. It is not surprising to learn that a particular throttle should be purchased with the car's make and model in mind. For example, a Chevrolet truck is assembled with a Chevrolet throttle under the bonnet, and when the time comes to replace the throttle, ideally the new throttle should also be a make of Chevrolet throttle. Choosing a different make, such as a Ford throttle, for the car would not be ideal and could lead to problems. Using the correct type of throttle extends the car's operating life and keeps it running smoothly and efficiently in the meantime.

Throttle Size

Not all automobile throttles are made in the same size. As each car brand and model has its own particular type of throttle, the sizes of the throttles can vary greatly, as well. As can be expected, the different sizes of the throttles can affect how the car performs overall. In general, the velocity of the air released into the engine varies with the size of the throttle. The following chart outlines the different attributes of certain throttle sizes.




Small Throttle

Throttles in smaller, compact cars, allow air to travel faster through the engine

Often limited by the maximum speed of air and the speed of sound

Sometimes prevents air from moving properly

Large Throttle

Causes air to move more slowly through the throttle and engine overall

Can sometimes provide too much space for the air to travel, causing it to move too slowly and inefficiently

Decreases overall power

Generally, it is up to the driver to decide which throttle size is best suited for his or her vehicle. Each size has its own benefits and disadvantages. As a general rule of thumb, the size of the throttle that originally came with the vehicle when it was first released from the manufacturer should serve as a guideline, if not a restriction, on what size throttle is appropriate for a car. For example, a large pickup truck with a big engine that is expected to carry very heavy loads should not have its throttle replaced with one that is significantly smaller in size. Inconsistencies of this sort can damage the car's engine, pose a safety hazard to the driver and passengers, and ultimately threaten the lifespan of the vehicle.

Servicing the Throttle

When it comes to all cars and their individual parts, certain components eventually wear down over time and have to either be serviced or replaced. A car's throttle is no exception. Frequently servicing a car's throttle keeps the car running efficiently and safely and can extend its life and improve its general performance, as well.

Why the Throttle Needs to Be Serviced

Over time, the throttle can get noisier and louder the more it is used. This often happens when the car is driven at faster speeds as opposed to slower speeds. The noise can become particularly frustrating, and it can also be indicative that the throttle needs to be examined in general. Servicing the throttle appropriately can help prevent such bothersome noises from occurring. A car's throttle should also be serviced to ensure the engine's exhaust system is working properly since a faulty system can be dangerous for both the car and the driver.

When to Service the Throttle

Typically, most auto experts recommend having the throttle serviced at 15,000, 40,000, and 75,000 miles. Doing so keeps the throttle and the car in general in good operating condition. Servicing the throttle when recommended also reduces the future risk of needing to replace the throttle, which can be expensive. Some car's user manuals and vehicle guide books can walk a driver through how to service the throttle on his or her own, but a professional may be necessary for owners who do not have automotive repair skills.

How to Buy a Throttle on eBay

eBay is often one of the best places to look for and buy automotive parts and accessories, including full car throttles and related components like valves and sensors. By beginning the search for the desired equipment in the search bar on any page of the eBay site, a buyer can quickly and efficiently narrow down the possibilities according to make, price, and condition. If a buyer has any particular questions about a specific product, he or she can easily reach out to the product's seller by using the 'Ask a question' option on the product's page. If a driver is interested in self-servicing a car, some of the automotive tools on the eBay Deals site might be of great use, as well.


The automobile is undoubtedly one of the most useful innovations of modern society, but the complexities of the mechanics behind these machines, both in their structure and in their operation, can be difficult for the average person to understand. However, any driver can quickly access the necessary information to become familiar with the build of a particular car, and this allows him or her to better understand how to effectively operate and service the car. A vehicle's throttle is one part of the car's engine that is extremely useful to understand, especially when it comes time to replace or service the throttle.

Although throttles can be purchased at many automotive parts shops, eBay makes finding exactly the right throttle easy and headache-free. By simply becoming familiar with what a throttle does, the different makes of throttles that are available, the different sizes that are available, and servicing information, it is possible to find and purchase the right throttle for a car.

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