Throttle Cable Buying Guide

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Throttle Cable Buying Guide

When drivers accelerate, they expect their vehicle or motorcycle to gather speed; when a motor vehicle is slow to respond to the pressing of the gas pedal, this may indicate that a new throttle cable is in order. Mechanically-inclined drivers can cut their repair costs by purchasing a throttle cable and performing the work themselves or even repairing the existing throttle cable. With a little research, drivers can understand the necessity of a functioning throttle system and learn how to perform necessary throttle cable repairs.


How the throttle system works

The throttle system is the component in fuel-injected engines that controls how much air enters the engine. When the driver presses the gas pedal, the throttle cable transfers the message to the throttle that it needs to open to let more air pass through to the engine. The actual throttle serves as a valve that the throttle cable instructs when to close and when to open.

Some vehicles and sports craft with non-fuel injected engines use a carburetor that combines the functionality of a throttle system with a fuel injector to allow fuel and air to mix. The carburetor functions in a similar manner to the throttle to permit more airflow.


Recognising the throttle cable

A throttle cable resembles a braided piece of steel and it is in the engine compartment. Healthy throttle cables are smooth with no tears or frays. They are located near the carburetor for non-fuel injected engines. Buyers should consult the owner's manual of their gas-powered vehicle if they are unsure of its location.


Deciding to repair or replace

Drivers may be able to repair a throttle cable with a small amount of damage. Repairing the throttle cable is a labour-intensive process and, after time, the cable may still require replacement.

Extensive damage calls for a brand-new throttle cable. Buyers are able to select between universal throttle cables intended to work with a numerous motor craft and cables intended for a specific make, model, or type of vehicle.


Fixing the throttle cable

When it is time to complete the repair, drivers should have an area with adequate lighting to perform their work. Drivers also need to follow a few steps to fix the throttle cable.

Prepping for the repair

Repairing the throttle cable in a motor vehicle requires a flat-head screwdriver, a tubing cutter, a piece of sanding paper, a drill, a soldering iron, flux, and pliers. Replacing it calls for a flat-head screwdriver.

Remove the old throttle cable

After opening the bonnet, the buyer must find the throttle arm. Pulling the throttle arm down helps loosen the throttle cable. Drivers can use a flat-head screwdriver to work the throttle cable loose before removing the cable pin that connects the cable to the throttle's body. Once the cable is free from the gas pedal, drivers can remove the last pin holding it in place against the pedal.

Repairing an old throttle cable

Drivers must use the tubing cutters to cut a piece of copper tubing that measures approximately 25.4 mm. They then use the piece of sandpaper to sand it inside and out to remove any oxides. They can use the drill to make a hole that measures about 3.18 mm in one side of the tubing. After drilling, drivers cut the copper tubing so it measures about 1.5 mm.

Buyers insert the new throttle cable into the drilled hole of the copper tubing. Once they pull it through the larger hole, they apply flux to the ends. Finally, they should solder the ends with the copper tubing to complete the cable repair. Many prefer to use pliers to help hold the cable in place. Buyers then reattach the repaired cable to the throttle body and gas pedal.

Inserting a new throttle cable

Buyers insert one end of the throttle cable into the guide on the gas pedal and the other end into the correct spot on the throttle body. Once the pins are securely back in place, the job is complete. Drivers should test their handiwork by taking their car or motor craft for a test spin to check its acceleration.


How to buy tools for throttle cable repairs on eBay

Buyers can shop on eBay to find all of the necessary components to repair or replace their throttle cable. The search bar on every page makes it simple to quickly find what you need. For example, entering "universal throttle cable" brings up a plethora of options. With the filtering function, buyers can choose to display only the most desirable results. With time, patience, and knowledge, drivers can fix or replace their throttle cable and return their vehicle to its former glory.

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