Time is a coin's best friend when it comes to value

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I am not a professional coin collector or valuer but I would like to add my thoughts to the issue of 20th century collectable coin values.  On the one hand those "In the know" refer to the value of a coin being relative to the number minted and that makes a lot of sense to me. The more that were minted, the less the collectable value. However, on the other hand, there is also the issue of  the possible rare metal content of the coin in question, so that as Silver and Gold become more valuable commodities due to rarity so does the "Bullion value" of coins containing these metals.
I have some Australian, Round 50c coins. These are touted to be 80% Silver  / 20% Copper and articles I read on the Internet say that they are not rare and that they were only worth a few dollars in 2010.
So......I am applying my number 2 rule about increasing Bullion Value with time and will hang on to them, or value them accordingly if and when I choose to part with them.
My advice.........you do the same!
So, for me, it is the second consideration that should never be lost on the collector. If only I had had the foresight, (sadly always lost on the young, as you can't have Foresight unless you have built up a good bank of Hindsight ! ) I would have made sure that my late mother never parted with her thick link 22ct Gold Chain Bracelet (very generously adorned with more 22ct Gold Charms than I could ever count!).
Today it would have been worth in excess of  AU $6000. She also had some  English gold sovereigns and half sovereigns. She parted with it all, unknown to the family until much later, for a  mere $500 to pay some Bills !

Happy Collecting!
- from hattonhall

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