Times to Buy

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Over the last several years I myself being a person that sells and buys items find that now is the best time to buy. Not because sellers are putting things on special it is just that people do not have much time to look at Ebay or their computer at all with Christmas just around the corner. So I believe that it is best to get involved in Auctions rather then buy it nows because of the above reasons. I have sold items at this time of year that are worth a lot more then they are sold for at the end of an auction, then say at the end of the holiday period. I am not just talking about a few dollars I am talking about $50 to $100 in some categories. So my advice is to buy, buy, buy and perhaps if the sales person has a fantastic feedback score pay via bank account just to be a little fair for them. Anyway I hope this helps people who are looking now and in the future for inexpensive items that will be worth more and in some cases a lot more in only 3 months.
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