Timing...Use it to earn more $$$$$$$$$$

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How many times have you put an item in your watch list, meaning to bid on it "last minute" but it finishes at a weird time? The outcome here is that you miss out on the item you want and the seller misses out on a higher final price.

What time do you use the computer to check out ebay? If you are like me it is sometime between 7pm and 9pm...more on Friday and Saturday night. The reason for this is this is when I have the bulk of my free time. So if I am on the computer at this time..and I am Mr Average..chances are lots of other average aussies are browsing Ebay at the same time.

So next time you get the urge to list your random item on Ebay either scheduel it to start at a conveinient time the next day (Turbo lister is your friend here) or write the listing at at a "normal"...not when you get home from night shift.

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