Timing your Sale End

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Timing Your Sale End

To get the maximum amount of money for your item, it is very important to carefully select when the sale
will end.  I have seen on several occassions, an item get $20.00 more when it ended on a Saturday night
as opposed to ending on a Wednesday afternoon.  Have a look at some completed items from a seller
who sells the same item repeatedly and see what they got at what times - the smarter ones always end
their sales at the same time each night, etc.


1.  Don't end a sale in the middle of the week
     - more people are online at the weekends and on Public Holidays and will more likely to be there
        at the end to outbid each other.
     - be aware of the country you are trying to sell into - set the times accordingly for U.S. buyers if
        that is your main market.

2.  Don't pick a time that will interfere with dinner (6-7pm), prime-time TV show (Survivor, Big Brother,
       Australian Idol, etc), or is late at night/early in the morning.
      - a good time is 5 pm or after 8pm on weekends when dinner is over, there's nothing on TV and
         people will be surfing the Web.
      - pick a time that ends on the hour or half hour rather than a random minute - it makes it easier to
         remember the sale end time for the buyer.

3.   Pick a Weekend
      - this allows time to get the item packaged and delivered befor ethe following weekend.  There's
         nothing worse from a buyer's point of view to have to wait through another weekend to use the
         item they bought last weekend - get it and try it out as soon as possible.

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