Tip Falling off Pool Snooker Billiard Cue

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Tip Falling off Pool Cue

There is a few ways a cue tip can come off you Pool Snooker Billiard Cue, it is not normally a problem and glue tips are replaceable the same as the cheap screw on type tips.
 The tip can come off from doping the Cue,  miss-cueing the Cue Ball or sometimes the glue can dry out in different climates from the cue being manufactured and shipped around the world.
 To fix, one small drop of Tipping Glue, Supper glue (or lock tight) will glue it
back on.

Most cues have glue on tips, only cheap cues have screw tips. Glue tips eliminate 90% of vibration, and have a better feel and solid hit on the cue ball. Screw tips have a plastic seat and brass thread screwed into the ferrule, this causes less dense hit and vibrations.

Top Brand of Cues include Cuetec, Powerglide and Riley.

Cue Tips are a consumable part of owning a pool cue, they will wear out and come off. 

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