Tips & Advice on using Bumbo Baby Seat

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Tips & Advice on using Bumbo Seat

What is a Bumbo Seat?

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a revolutionary new concept with world wide patent rights, uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture to seat babies independently in an upright sitting position, from as young as 3 months up to an age of approximately 14 months depending on the individual development of the child, thereby providing a snug and cozy environment for your baby.

The seat is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is soft and comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic and non-toxic. The integral outer skin of the material is durable and easy to clean.

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is versatile and is definitely the extra set of hands you have always been looking for – the perfect gift for that special occasion.

The seat does not require any uncomfortable straps or fasteners. It gives a wonderfully new way to ensure maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child. Depending upon the individual development of the child, some babies will be able to climb out of the bumbo, so never leave your child unattended. This product is not recommended for use on raised surfaces.

When can my child start using the Bumbo?

The short answer is as soon as your baby can hold his or her head up without assistance. For some babies, this can be as young as 8 weeks, but it varies depending on the development of each individual baby.

Is there a weight limit on the Bumbo?

The Bumbo is recommended for children up to 22 pounds. In practical useage however, we have seen that there is not really a weight limit on the Bumbo, it is more of a size limit. We have seen special needs children comfortably using the Bumbo at 7 years old. Often it is a child's hips that become too wide for the Bumbo. Other times it is the child's thighs that outgrow the Bumbo. The bottom line is that as long as your child is comfortable in the Bumbo, they can use it. The Bumbo will not break. Of course, the larger and more developed your child is, the more likely it is they can get out of the Bumbo so remember to never leave your child unattended in the Bumbo Seat.

How secure is the Bumbo?

The Bumbo is as secure as the surface it sits on. The baby's weight actually helps hold it in the Bumbo. This is because of the Bumbo Seat's unique design that puts the baby's bottom slightly below the leg openings. Remember, the Bumbo is happiest on the floor and is not recommended for use on raised surfaces.

Can the Bumbo be used as a bath seat?

No. The Bumbo Seat is not recommended for use in the bath.

Is the Bumbo made of hard plastic?

No it is made from a soft low density foam. It is soft and squishy for your baby's comfort.

Is the Bumbo Seat latex free?

Yes. It is made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly polyurethane.

Do doctors approve of the Bumbo?

Yes, it has been tested and is endorsed by both pediatricians and orthopedists.

Do occupational and physical therapists use the Bumbo?

The Bumbo Seat is being used extensively by therapists and in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) programs around the USA.

Does the Bumbo Baby Sitter come in different sizes?

The Bumbo Baby Sitter was designed for babies who cannot sit upright on their own. Therefore, there is only one size available.
A Therapist's Explanation of the Bumbo Seat

The Bumbo seat stabilizes the child into slight hip flexion, placing the pelvis in a slight anterior pelvic tilt which facilitates lumbar extension. This action, combined with the gentle curve of the seat back that matches the natural curve of the rib cage, facilitates the baby around the lower ribs and trunk for stabilization. The seat allows for active practice of head and postural trunk control. It also allows a child the pelvic stability needed to get the hands into midline for play. Upright posturing facilitates an improved visual field of the environment, improved respirations and breath control, assists a baby who needs to be upright after feedings due to reflux and many other benefits.

The Bumbo seat measures 8" across in width and the depth from the inferior edge of the pommel to the center back is 7 1/4". Height of the seat measures 9" from the deepest point of the scooped seat to the top of the seat back. There is a gentle rise, which enables hip flexion, from the seat bottom to the front edge. From the floor to just under the thigh measures 3 1/2". There is a center pommel for safety and abduction measuring 3 1/2" wide at the superior edge narrowing to 2".

Jo Ann Oakman OTR

Bumbo Seats have completely changed the lives of the parents that use them.

Best of luck,
Hands Free Mom
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