Tips For Buying Kids Clothes On Ebay

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Hi all - I already have this posted on my "about me" page, but I just wanted to kick it out there in the ebay community. Some of you may already know a lot of it but for those who don't, here are some tip for buying kids clothes on ebay (online)...

1.       It’s a good idea to buy clothes slightly larger in size for your kids. This is especially prevalent for newborns. They have a tenancy to grow into their clothes VERY fast.

When you your child hits the 2 or 3 years of age mark, their growth will begin to slow a bit. So then you can start to buy clothes that are the right fit instead of being slightly larger in size.

2.       Never be afraid to ask the seller questions about the item of clothing you are interested in. Even if you think your question may sound obvious or silly to you, make sure that you have enough information to build confidence (and trust) in the online shop owner and his or her product.

I often have customers contacting me for measurements regarding my kid's clothes products – like " length from shoulder to waist" or "inner leg measurement." This is great because it allows the buyer to feel more confident and a little more informed about the product they are looking to buy.

3.       Make sure the seller has a solid risk reversal/return policy attached to their product. I always like to shop knowing that the seller will take most if not all of the risk when it comes to my purchase in case I am not completely satisfied with the product.

4.       It may sound like a bit of simple tip, but if you find a site or store you like, then make sure to "bookmark" or add the site to your "favourites". I don't know how many times I have tried to convince myself, "Oh, I'll remember," only to realise that a week later I cannot remember the name of the site or store I visited the week before (Urrrgh!).

5.       If you are visiting sites outside of ebay its important to ensure you are dealing with a secure site. A good rule of thumb is to look into the address browser and see if the page has an "https" instead of the standard "http"

I'm not web site expert, but you can read a good article by Leo if you want to understand the https concept in more detail:

6.       It's a good idea to take the seller up on having some shipping insurance, particularly with items with a higher price tag. I encourage my buyers to take out shipping insurance if the package exceeds $50. It's predominantly to provide piece of mind more than anything in the event that your item goes missing in the post; both you and the seller are covered.

7.       Give the item you have purchased a good visual approval. If you are happy, then let the seller know. Feedback is always an important exchange in a buyer seller relationship. If you are not happy then contact the seller to have your issue addressed as quickly as possible

8.       Most of all have fun with your buying experiences.

Until next time, have a great day all!



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