Tips For New Collectors

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Avoid Costly Mistakes When Building A coin Collection

Most new collectors make mistakes when they begin to assemble a collection of coins. Some of these are easily avoidable; others require a “heads up” from an expert. Here are some of the mistakes that are made most often and some practical suggestions on how to avoid them.

1/ Buy Third Party Graded Coins
Unless you are purchasing inexpensive coins or bullion-related gold issues, you need to buy coins that have been professionally graded. It’s a virtual guarantee that the “raw” coins you buy are going to be overgraded at best or counterfeit/repaired at worst.

2/Buy the “Right” Third Party Graded Coins
When it comes down to it, there are only two grading services that, as of early 2001, are readily accepted in the market: PCGS and NGC. Coins graded by other services either trade at a discount or are absurdly overgraded. You can save yourself a lot of grief and aggravation by buying only PCGS and NGC coins.

3/ Buy the Coin and Not The Holder

Not every PCGS or NGC coin is “high end” for the grade. Establishing a relationship with a dealer who can determine which coins are nice and which are average (or inferior) is essential.

4/  Can I Do Everything Myself?

No you can’t. You need to have a close working relationship with one or two knowledgeable coin dealers. New collectors who think they can compete in the market against experienced dealers and collectors are a virtual certainty to have their heads handed to them. End of discussion.

5/ Take Your Time
Most great coin collection are assembled over the course of decades; not months. Sure, you can complete a set of Indian Quarter eagles in thirty days. But rushing though a set is a good way to make mistakes; most of which will cost you in the long run.

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