Tips & Traps to Avoid When Buying NBA Basketball Boxes

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Hello, you may know me as Westriot or Gary. I specialise and sell mainly NBA Basketball boxes and card hobby supplies under the Westriot shop brand on Ebay Australia. Today im going to discuss some tips and tricks when purchasing NBA Basketball boxes online for card collectors starting out and even those who have many years of experience in card collecting.

With the advent of Ebay, retail stores do not require a physical location for consumers to inspect and purchase products. This has allowed ordinary people like you and me to sell goods online from home and in our own time and convenience. With respect to NBA Basketball boxes, ebay is the main source of supply for the Australian consumer. With Ebay being the main source of card products, collectors can browse for their favourite players and/or products, bid in an auction or fixed price environment, and have the item(s) in their hands within a few days of winning the item on Ebay. The convenience and time saved for the collector cannot be understated. However, there is a degree of trust required by the purchaser as the items they may have won on ebay may not match up with the respective product description, not match the customers expectations, or won in a manner which pushes the winning price above current market levels.

I will discuss things to look out for shortly. The product description for each item is very important as that is what most purchasers base their bids on. When the description is correct, then the buyer can rest assured that the item they are bidding on is the item they will receive if successful in the auction. However, if the description is incorrect or misleading, then the customers' expectations in the product are more often than not are of a disatisfying nature. One common thing to look out for in this respect are when the product is described as hobby, when in fact its a retail product. Hobby products in the NBA Basketball card collecting realm usually have better cards than retail, better odds for pulling these cards than retail, and are more expensive than the retail variant. Another small detail to keep an eye on is whether the item is factory sealed or has been opened and repackaged as new. There are some sellers, especially overseas based who deal in unsealed or resealed products. These items, when they end up in the hands of collectors, are below market quality and the contents are usually of a low value compared to unsearched and factory sealed products. The 'hits' or good cards have been taken out or eliminated from the auction pool and the cards of relative inferior value are left in the auctions of searched or unsealed products.

The price achieved for products in an auction environment are usually below current market levels. This is due to the item having a small window of opportunity to be purchased however there is no obligation for the prospective purchaser to buy within the auction period. When an item that has ended in a price which is above current market levels, a few things may have happened. The bidders in that auction may not be market savvy regarding that product, have bid using their heart and emotion as opposed to their logic especially within the closing moments of that auction, or in the worst case scenario, been bid up from fake purchasers or people related to the seller. Research is required on behalf of the prospective purchaser to find out the current market value of the product they may be interested in buying, and this can be done through looking through the completed listings of that product on ebay, and using search engines to see if there is a consistent sale price of that product around the world. However there may be some sellers who utilise friends or family members to bid up the price of their own product above and beyond the levels possibly achieved in current market conditions. This can be further disguised using private auction conditions, where bidders do not know the ebay identities of the competing bidders. When an auction is of a private nature (where the auction does not show the ebay identities of each bidder) and the price of the auction is beyond current market levels, then there is a high possibility that the auction has been influenced and inflated by related parties to the seller. These auctions are not of an arms length nature, they are collusive, and are utilised to maintain prices for the seller and to rip off hobby collectors like you and me. Avoid private auctions whenever possible, and bid on items to your budget and at or below current market levels.

I can go forever with what to look out for when bidding or purchasing on products, however with research and a savvy nature, you can avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the price savings and general convenience when purchasing NBA Basketball boxes and hobby supplies on Ebay Australia.
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