Tips and tricks to make your buying better and cheaper

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Buying tips

Remembering there are two ways to search for an item, first is clicking on buy at the top of the screen and then selecting particular categories.  Second is just going through search at the top right hand corner.  You should always do both ways to get maximum results. This is because some people may list there items in a wrong category eg. someone selling a Batman poster may list the item in DVD Action and Adventure rather than Memorabilia (this is because someone looking for Batman Dvd's may be interested with Batman poster). Using search tool may easily find products you are looking for but at times, listings may not include main search words eg. searching for 'ladies wallet' will not show all ladies wallets available such as listings that are more specific 'GUCCI Jackie O Wallet - Great condition'.  So best ways to search for Ladies wallets is to:

1)   Select Buy and select specific category to browse                      
2)   Search using top right search bar                       
3)   input 'ladies wallet'                               
4)   another search input 'womens wallet -ladies'(the '-' indicates the search will not show 'ladies')

selecting best prices

If the item you are interested in have multiple listings (have many people selling) the best way to find out how much the item would sell for and how cheapest it can be bought, select 'complete listings'. Complete listings shows you the ending selling price of an item.  After selecting complete listings search for your item (be specific) and then select lowest price. Now you can view how much the items you are interested is really worth and how cheap you can get it.  You can also examine the price pattern by date such as the item sold cheapest a month ago or at present it is selling cheapest because no one once the item or everyone has already purchased the item.

So once you know how cheap the item can be, you will never let yourself over pay for an item.  This is the case when items are ending on saturdays and sundays where there are more people willing to purchase an item thus raising bidding.

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