Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

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Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

Most humans naturally want to be outdoors. When the weather is nice, most people would rather read a book in the garden, surrounded by fragrant flowers and chirping birds, than sit indoors in recycled air, watching repeats on TV. As indoor furnishings come in a tremendous range of sizes, styles, designs, and purposes, so, too, does patio furniture. Just because the pieces are outdoors does not mean they merit no consideration; on the contrary, it is important to assess intended use, space, climate, and budget. eBay is chock full of patio furniture sets and components. After making a few preliminary assessments, buyers can visit the online marketplace: a few clicks, and the perfect patio furniture is on its way.

Patio Furniture Materials

The choice of patio furniture material comes down to three primary factors: style, personal preference, and climate. When planning a purchase of patio furniture, buyers look at that made of one or more of the following four materials, each of which carries its own connotation: wood (rustic), metal (classic), plastic (practical), and wicker (romantic).


After making the decision to buy wood furniture, homeowners have another choice to make, which is what type of wood do they want? Numerous types of wood are available, including cedar, pine, redwood, and teak. Different woods have different degrees of durability and longevity, so this, too, should be taken into consideration. One thing about wood is that the elements do, sooner or later, take their toll; as such, external weather treatment, such as staining, applying polyurethane, or waterproofing, is a good idea. If painting is on the agenda, pine is perhaps the best choice, as it lends itself well to a range of colours; on the more decay-proof end of the spectrum is teak, a popular part in many backyard landscapes.


When it comes to patio furniture, one big thing differentiates wood from metal: the latter may rust. While aluminium is rust-free, its lighter weight and casual appearance may be less than ideal. Stainless steel is not rust-free; as such, it necessitates waterproofing to prevent oxidation. On the high end of patio furniture composition is wrought iron. The material is perfect in nearly every way: It is elegant, sturdy, durable, and attractive, even when painted. Wrought iron is heavier, too, meaning it is less likely to blow into the neighbour's yard when the wind gusts.


When preparing for a backyard barbecue, some people opt to supplement their gathering area with additional seating. Rather than spend a lot of money on non-stackable chairs that take up unnecessary space, some people opt for the comfort and convenience of plastic. Available in a range of styles and configurations, these chairs are easy to clean and store.


One look at wicker furniture and it becomes apparent: This material is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The woven look of rattan furniture suggests a casual, beach-themed environment, with patterned cushions and pillows to create a variety of designs and styles. When shopping for wicker furniture, in general, the tighter the weave, the higher the quality.

Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

Of course, the primary deliberations when looking for patio furniture are style, space, and budget. Although a full dining table with eight chairs sounds lovely, if the backyard, or the pocketbook, is too small to accommodate such an arrangement, then it is not a good idea. To avoid confusion, it is best to measure the space before shopping, and then sketch a rough layout of where the pieces go. Comfort and durability are important, too, as is the ability to withstand the elements. The furniture's intended use, whether for formal entertaining or casual family gatherings, also affects the style.

Armed with a short list of patio furniture they wish to procure, prospective buyer can browse configurations online to determine what best fulfills their needs. Some materials, such as wicker, are better suited for covered areas, such as screened-in porches; teak, on the other hand, is highly durable, even when regularly exposed to the elements. People in rainier climates must take weatherproofing into consideration; wood furniture, for example, may need only one application per year in Atlanta, but two or three in Seattle. If the patio furniture requires indoor storage in the winter, obtaining pieces that are easily folded is a good idea.

Overall, remember that patio furniture is meant to be used. If it is neither comfortable nor appealing, it is not going to be a good purchase. While style and design are valid considerations, neither matters to guests if they are stiff and uncomfortable.

How to Buy Patio Furniture on eBay

Whether your patio furniture shopping list includes a table and chairs, chaise lounge, or wicker davenport, you can find it on eBay. The site has everything: wrought iron dining sets, teak Adirondack chairs, wicker couches, and stackable plastic chairs. eBay satisfies all of your outdoor entertainment objectives while staying within budget, including patio sets from top brands such as Bronte, Picasi, and Fidarsi. Of course, you can always check out eBay Deals to see what bargain prices are available.

With the right patio furniture, you can do it all: soak up the sun on adjustable aluminium loungers; host the monthly book club with a cushioned sofa set; and even gather the family around the barbecue with a hardwood table and benches.

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