Tips for Buying Vogart Embroidery Transfers

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Tips For Buying Vogart Embroidery Transfers

If you are interested in hand embroidery, a great source of patterns are the vintage Vogart Embroidery Transfers. These  transfers were popular from the 1940's into the 1960's. There are approximately 200 patterns available. These packets contain two sheets of transfer patterns, ready to iron onto fabric and sew (or paint).

An example is shown below.

The information in this guide also applies to the other main brands of iron on transfer patterns such as Aunt Martha's or American Trading Company.

Original or Photocopy?

There are a few regular sellers on Ebay who sell photocopies of the Vogart transfers. These have several disadvantages:
  • Copyright - there is no indication on these auctions that the sellers have permission to sell the photocopies
  • No Transfer Ink - because they are photocopies, you will have to go over the patterns using an iron on transfer pencil to make them usable.
  • Quality - no guarantee of the quality of the photocopies, either from copy quality or paper quality.

Cut or Uncut?

When looking at these auctions, check the condition of the transfer sheets. Have the transfer sheets been cut or are they in original condition?

Used or Unused?

Have the transfer sheets been used? Even if they have, you can often reuse them as is or if you want, you can trace the patterns using an iron-on transfer pencil.

Repeat Numbers

The Vogart patterns come in several "editions". The main numbers are the 100's, 200's and 600's. Many of the patterns numbered in the 600's are the same as patterns already available in 100's and 200's. So double check the pictures on the envelopes to make sure you aren't buying a pattern you already have that just has a different number.

Envelope Condition

If you are interested in the patterns from a collectability perspective, check the condition of the envelope. These patterns have often been used or moved many times and can vary from mint to falling apart or missing completely.

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