Tips for Buying a BMX Bike

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Tips for Buying a BMX Bike

The BMX bike is a popular favourite motocross, flatland, and dirt jump riding. Having attracted something of a cult following among older children and teenagers for several generations, the bike has long been more than just a street cruiser. BMX focuses extensively on extreme sport freestyle riding, as well as jumps and obstacle courses. Made with simple and ultra-sturdy construction, they handle ramps with great finesse and are relatively easy to repair when damaged. Despite the diversity of BMX styles, they all reflect enough commonality to present a signature look. The many styles listed on eBay reflect wide usage, but those wishing to buy a BMX for themselves or their children should be aware of some potential purchasing pitfalls and avert occasion for disappointment.

Before You Purchase

Several important considerations present themselves to the BMX buyer. Construction, materials, weight, style, price, intended riding purpose, and of course, correct fit, all feature heavily in the selection process. However, the latter is the primary defining consideration. A rider cannot perform to their optimum on any bike without correctly fitting the frame. Customers (or their children), should sit on a variety of bikes to get a feel for the frame type that best fits their bodily dimensions. The second most important consideration is riding intention, as this determines the type of BMX frame to buy.


A correct fit is essential for achieving full ride potential and efficiency, as well as to benefiting from the levels of comfort and support paid for in the purchase price. Customers who wish to buy online should only do so after performing some hands on testing of that particular model. BMX bikes are available either complete or in kit form.

BMX Types

Types of BMX bikes include those made for dirt and ramp jumping, racing, street, and flatland. The subtle or overt differences in BMX bikes enable riders to perform at their peak in their chosen riding style.

BMX Type

Descriptive features

Ideal riding application

Dirt BMX

Sturdy frame

Wide tyres

Knobby low profile tread

Rear U-brake

Cable and pegs detangler

Dirt tracks

Dirt jumps

Park riding

Street riding


Street Cruiser BMX

Lightweight large frame

Large 61 centimeter wheels

Street riding

Dirt jumping

Larger riders

Flatland BMX

Smaller wheelbase and frame

Long seatpost

Zero offset fork

Freestyle flatland stunt riding

Racing BMX

Lightweight nimble frame

Thin low profile tyres

Slick tread

Steep head tube

Strong rear V-brake

BMX track racing

If a customer is unsure of exactly what type of riding they or their children wish to participate in, they should choose a model that facilitates the broadest riding applications. In this case, the dirt bike or cruiser would be a logical option if racing and flatland trick riding is a low priority or an unlikely choice.

Materials & Construction

Frame construction is a very important consideration when choosing a BMX bike, because the bike's life expectancy and performance handling hangs primarily on it. Unlike the heavy steel frames that make up many cheaper bikes, chromoly is the very strong and lightweight alloy metal that forms the frames, bars, and forks of all high-end BMX bikes. The degree of chromoly make up in a bike's construction is a large price determiner. In the event of budget limitations, customers should choose a BMX that consists of as much chromoly as possible within their price bracket.

Quality Components

The small components in the BMX bike make a big difference to performance standards. The longevity of particular bike components depend on the quality of its manufacturing. If possible, customers should avoid generic parts and only choose from reputable brands such as Odyssey, SNAFU, or Shadow. Customers should also only choose a bike with sealed bearings inheadsets, wheels, and bottom brackets. The cheaper, unsealed bearings are high maintenance and deteriorate the bike's ride quality as they loosen and wear out.


To a large degree, riding satisfaction correlates directly to a bike's value. For customers on a budget, the trick is to find a bike of decent quality at a reduced price. Any of the mid-range quality BMX bikes can give its riders years of enjoyment; however, those involved in competitive riding should be prepared to spend more, because with each increase in price there is a decrease in weight, and weight has a direct bearing on performance outcomes at professional level.

How to Buy a BMX Bike on eBay

To shop for a BMX bike on eBay, enter general or product-specific search criteria, such as " BMX Dirt", and browse all relevant listings. Check for related bike gear on eBay Deals. Read all given information carefully and understand seller terms of sale and returns policies. Ask questions if necessary and only choose a seller who receives consistently positive feedback.

BMX riding provides exhilarating fun for many kids and adults alike, but exercising care and prudence in the selection process is the key to unleashing the full potential the sport has to offer. Although not as critical for the casual rider, having the right bike of the right size and with the right components can seal the deal for the enthusiast.

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