Tips for Buying a Longboard

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Tips for Buying a Longboard

A longboard lacks the snappy manoeuvrability of a longboard has the ability to glide with ease across the water, making it easier to catch a wave. The rider makes long, slow turns. Beginners benefit from a longboard because there is more deck space to stand on and ride. When purchasing a longboard, the buyer should take into consideration a variety of things such as their own personal body size, overall physical strength and stamina. Longboards weigh between 20 to 40 pounds depending on the material they are constructed from.

Strength, Materials and Size

There is little doubt that a longboard is big and heavy compared to a surfboard. The standard weight for most long boards is between 24 to 32 pounds. The sheer size and weight of the longboard might make it difficult for a small framed person to handle. The boards are also heavy and bulky outside of the water so the hike from the vehicle, across the beach and into the waves can be exhausting. Longboards do come in various sizes and weights, so prior to purchase the buyer must determine the size and weight of the board they want.


A typical longboard measures 10 feet in length, but they are available in different sizes such as the smaller 8 foot board. A average height or taller person will usually be able to handle the 10 foot variety. The longer longboards, such as those that measure 12 feet in length, make doing tricks like nose riding, floater sand backwards take-offs easier.


A board that is thicker floats better, but are more difficult to turn and manoeuvre. A lightweight person should purchase a longboard that measures 6.4 centimetres in depth and a heavier person can handle a board that is 7.4 centimetres in thickness.


The width of the board should also be a determining factor. A small person may have a hard time straddling a wide longboard for any length of time. Longboards vary in length between 56 and 63 centimetres. A board with a wide nose makes nose riding easier and a board with a wide tail helps the rider perform a variety of stunts.


The upward curve of the longboard’s nose and tail is commonly called the rocker. A longboard that has a high degree of rocker is usually slow in the water. Any longboard with a high degree of rocker has been designed to catch big waves. More board is also above the water so it’s more forgiving when the rider shifts his weight back and forth.

Design Materials

Most longboards are made of polyurethane foam that has been coated in fibreglass. They are very durable and last for a long time, but often lose their visual appeal as the weather conditions fade the board. Many enthusiasts prefer to go with a longboard that is made entirely of balsa wood. A balsa wood longboard is flexible and virtually impossible to snap. Balsa wood is also a renewable resource so it is eco-friendly. Longboards constructed from balsa wood are either solid or hollow. Hollow balsa wood longboards are very lightweight. Some longboards are made of epoxy, but they tend to be extremely light weight and lack flexibility.


Buying a Longboard on eBay

A buyer can sit in the comfort of his own home and purchase virtually any longboard he desires by going to eBay’s official website. The buyer should type “longboard” into the search bar. A wide array of board types will load and many will not be surfing longboards. To find a longboard made for surfing, the buyer should look on the left of the screen and click the box marked “surfing.” He can also narrow the search further by picking colour, delivery options, size and price. Prior to making a bid on an item, the buyer should take a close look at the seller’s feedback score. The feedback score will help the buyer determine if the seller has has had any disgruntled buyers in the past. Sometimes a seller will offer a longboard for sale immediately and bypass the whole auction process. A seller might even have a “make an offer” tab on the longboard listing. The buyer can then make a set price offer directly to the seller to see if the seller will accept the offer.



Despite the longboard’s size and weight, it is often considered the perfect board for beginners or those just wishing to take it easy in the water. Take strength, materials, and size into consideration before purchasing a longboard.

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