Tips for Buying a New Refrigerator

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Tips for Buying a New Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a big investment for your home. The average lifespan of a fridge is 15 years or more, meaning your purchase can be with you for a long time. There are many options available in a wide range of price points. Shoppers should carefully consider important purchase factors, including capacity, configuration, style, and energy consumption. Household size, living space, and budget are also important considerations when making a purchase. The right fridge can make a kitchen space come together and make meals an enjoyable family experience.

Decide on Capacity

One of the most important things to consider when buying a refrigerator is the capacity you need. The right capacity depends largely on the size of your household. Average capacities range from 250 l to 850 l. A household of two needs 225 to 280 l of fridge space and 115 l of freezer space; a family of four needs 340 to 400 l of fridge space and 230 l of freezer space. Larger capacities are better for larger households, or households that store a lot of food. For example, if you live far from a grocery store and tend to do big shops to stock up, it is a good idea to opt for a larger size. If the refrigerator you are purchasing is just for beverages, or an extra household refrigerator, you may want a smaller capacity.

Choose the Right Configuration

Configuration is another important consideration. Available configurations include the traditionaltop freezer models, as well asbottom freezer,side-by-side, and French door models. If you use a lot of frozen foods, a traditional model with the freezer on the top might be your best option. If you rarely use frozen foods, a model with the freezer on the bottom is more convenient. Side-by-side models make both the fridge and the freezer easy to access, but you lose the width to store large containers in either section. French door models generally have the freezer on the bottom and two doors to open for the fridge. These models save energy by releasing less cold air when you open just one door to access the fridge.

Consider Your Space

The size and configuration of your kitchen is also an important factor in choosing a refrigerator. Measure your counters for depth, and decide if you want your refrigerator to lie flush with the counters. If you have narrow counters, you may end up sacrificing valuable storage space in your fridge. You also want to make sure there is adequate room for the fridge doors to open. If the fridge is going in a particularly small space, you may want to choose a side-by-side model or a French door model, both of which require little space to open.

Coordinate with Your Decorating Style

A refrigerator takes up a lot of real estate in a kitchen, so you want it to look good in your space. Consider matching the fridge to your other appliances. Stainless-steel refrigerators are a sleek, modern option. Some manufacturers also make faux stainless steel that does not show fingerprints and is magnetic, unlike true stainless steel. It is also possible to customise some high-end models to coordinate with your existing cabinets, although this is usually very expensive. You can also opt for something unique and stylish, such as aglass door refrigerator. Whatever style your kitchen is, there is a fridge to complement it.

Understand the Energy Rating

The energy consumption of a refrigerator can end up costing you a lot of money over its expected 15-year lifespan. Look for models that carry the ENERGY STAR rating. ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators use at least 15 per cent less power than their traditional counterparts. This translates to significant savings in your energy bill over time. Paying more money upfront for a more efficient refrigerator can actually save money over time when you factor in your energy bills.

How to Buy Refrigerators on eBay

Many refrigerator models are available on eBay. To browse all available options, simply input "refrigerator" in the search bar on any eBay page. You can also search by brand, for example, " LG refrigerator". You can then narrow your results by price, or specify whether you are looking for new, used, or refurbished appliances. Do not forget to check eBay Deals for great prices on new appliances.

Shopping for a new refrigerator does not have to be stressful. Take time to learn about the different models available and determine your family's specific needs. The right fridge can be the centrepiece of your kitchen, and an energy-efficient fridge that is the right size for your household can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the appliance.

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