Tips for Buying a Pool Table

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Tips for Buying a Pool Table

A pool table is a big investment for your home. Once you have your own table, you can hone your skills at home to impress everyone at the pub, or you can transform your house into a fun place for friends to gather and play. A high-quality pool table lasts for decades and can be the centrepiece of your living space. When shopping, consider your available space, budget, and style preferences. Learning about the available sizes, options, and features can help you make the right decision and find a pool table you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Choose the Best Size for Your Space

The most important decision when buying a pool table is the size. Tables come in a wide range of sizes, from miniature pool tables to large, regulation-size tables. Miniature pool tables are not suitable for true competitive play and work better as children's toys. Regulation dictates that pool tables are twice as long as they are wide. Regulation tables start at 6 feet and go up to 12 feet. The most common sizes are7-foot pool tables,8-foot pool tables, and 9-foot pool tables. The bigger the table, the bigger the space requirements.

Table Size

Playing Surface

Minimum Room Size

7 Feet

1.93 m long by 0.96 m wide

4.9 m long by 3.8 m wide

8 Feet

2.34 m long by 1.17 m wide

5.2 m long by 4.2 m wide

9 Feet

2.54 m long by 1.27 m wide

5.5 m long by 4.3 m wide

The general rule is to allow a minimum of 2.5 m of space around the table. Allow for at least this if you use regulation 57-inch cues. If you use shorter cues, you may be able to get away with leaving just 1.6 m of space around the table. The more space you leave, the more comfortable it is to move around during play.

Choose the Right Playing Surface

High-end pool tables have slate playing surfaces. Commercial pool tables like those found in pubs or game rooms usually have a one-piece slate surface. Home pool tables usually have three-piece slate surfaces. Three-piece slate surfaces are the only surfaces that can be perfectly levelled to ensure the balls roll straight. Thicker slate, more than 2.5 cm thick, is more likely to retain its level. These tables are also the most expensive. Other, less-expensive options include synthetic materials like Slatron and Permaslate. These materials are not as durable and are more likely to warp and lose their level over time. If you have the budget, choose slate over synthetic materials.

Choose the Right Pool Table Cloth

There are two main types of pool table cloth: woollen and worsted. Woollen (felt) is common on recreational tables. It tends to pill over time, making it unsuitable for competitive or serious play. The best option for more professional play is worsted cloth. Pool balls roll much faster on this cloth, and it does not pill over time.

Pick Your Colour

Pool table cloth colours are a matter of preference. The most traditional options are green, blue, and red. However, pool table cloths come in nearly every colour imaginable. If your table is the centrepiece of the room, choose a bold colour to showcase it. If it is just one element in a larger room, a neutral colour like grey, black, or beige is best. Consider the other furniture you have near the table as well. Customise your pool table to fit your personal style and taste.

Get Some Accessories

When you invest money in a nice pool table, it is a good idea to invest in nice accessories. In addition to the obvious and necessarypool balls and pool cues, there are many other accessories you can purchase to enhance your table. Consider purchasing a pool table cover to protect the table when it is not in use. A pool table brush can also help keep your pool table cloth in top shape. You may want to purchase a pool cue rack to keep your cues organised as well. You can also purchase pockets and liners to further customise your table.

How to Buy Pool Tables on eBay

Shopping for pool tables on



eBay Deals

can save you money. To browse available tables, use the search bar on any eBay page and enter "pool table". You can then narrow your results by price or specify whether you are looking for new or used tables. The right pool table looks great in your home and provides hours of entertainment. Knowing the different playing surfaces, cloths, and accessories available can help you choose the best option. Make sure you are investing in a table that you love and can use for a long time.

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