Tips for Setting Up a Successful Ebay Business!

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For Small Business operators Ebay is one of the world’s ultimate marketing tools...

  • Where else  in the world can you market your products all over the world at any one time and make money doing it?
  • Where else can you trial your new products and ideas and test the market and again make money while you do it?
  • Where else can you set up a business that will give you instant cash flow not only in Australian dollars but whatever currency you want to trade in?

Many small businesses like ours have started their whole operations on Ebay and found that their products sold so well that their business expanded rapidly. When we first started selling our products we worked out of home. Now we operate out of a 250sq metre factory. Another important aspect of our business growth through Ebay was that we grew our business in line with what our customer’s were looking for. Our product range (sold under the Banaban brand) was totally development and evolved through the feedback from our Ebay customers.

First time Ebay Sellers should not despair if their products do not sell the first time they are listed. Think of Ebay as a much broader marketing tool. Like any business you have to invest some capital in setting up your business. Well the same applies when setting up your Ebay business.

The first step is to get your Ebay Store up and running as soon as possible. You need 5 good Feedback ratings to be able to do this. Ebay has one of the best optimized search engines on the internet today. The more listings you have the more your products will be out there in cyberspace and attracting the important ‘hits’ back to your Ebay store. So next time one of your items does not sell, immediately upload it back as a relisting into your Store. Relisting only costs a small fee. So think of any items that do not sell the first time as an important investment in the building of stock in your Store's inventory.

The most important things to build a successful Ebay business are:

  • Offer the quickest dispatch and delivery where ever possible. Your customers have entrusted you with their money so do the right thing and offer them the best service you can.
  • Do not over charge on your freight and shipping costs. In fact we try and subsidise special bulk deals where we offer special shipping rates.
  • Always guarantee your deliveries to your customers. They have placed their order with you in good faith, it is up to you to deliver, regardless of whether your shipping company has let you down.
  • Building a loyal customer base is all about your relationship with your customer. Respecting and rewarding them for their loyalty to you. Your customer feedback ratings are the greatest asset for your Ebay business. After all without the support of your customers you have no business.
  • There are some great marketing tools on offer from Ebay. Use them to help promote your products, especially the great Cross Promotion tool. This will help promote stock sitting in your Store and you will be surprised just how quickly these items get snapped up at a Buy Now rate.
  • Make sure your Title listings are well written. What ever you write in your Titles will get picked up in search engines and really help customers find your listings.

Today our company – Nature Pacific delivers to some of the remotest places in Australia and around the world. Many of our export and Australian customers have found us through Ebay. Without Ebay our company would not be at the level we are today!

To learn more about our company Nature Pacific go to: ABOUT US

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