Tips for Soothing Baby

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Tips for Soothing Baby

Babies can be confusing creatures. Their needs are seemingly quite simple, but it can seem impossible to soothe and comfort them when they are crying. Luckily, new parents can utilise several easy baby-soothing strategies and devices to reduce crying, make baby more comfortable, and preserve the peace at home.


Swaddle Baby

An upset baby may simply miss the comfort and security of the womb. For many cranky babies, the process of swaddling works wonders. The term refers to an age-old technique of wrapping a baby closely in a blanket. When wrapped tightly, a baby can stop being distracted by his or her own body and give in to sensations of sleepiness and relaxation.

To swaddle a baby, select an appropriate blanket. Parents may wish to use a simple receiving blanket or purchase a special swaddling blanket or baby wrap in a polyester, cotton flannel, or light woolen fibre. Place the baby at the corner of the blanket. Wrap the baby snugly to keep the child from getting out of the swaddle. Take care to wrap the baby comfortably.


Get Moving With Baby

Babies sometimes get restless and bored. Like many adults, they can dislike staying in one place. Instead of remaining immobile in a crib or play area, a baby may prefer to be carried from one place to another. Since parents' arms only have a finite amount of strength for growing baby bodies, many mums and dads prefer to use a baby carrier as they clean the house, run errands, or walk around town.

Baby carriers can range from baby sling? What kinds of distances will the baby be carried? What is the total budget? These questions should help to narrow down which carrier is right.


Rock and Roll With Baby

A baby is programmed to prefer being gently swung or rocked in a warm pair of arms. When arms are tired or occupied, it can make sense to invest in a means of rocking a child to sleep. A rocking, rolling, or vibrating motion can calm a baby's anxiety, replicate the in-womb experience, and even entertain a baby long enough to circumvent a bout of crying.

The simple cradle has always been a trusted way to rock a baby into sleep, but there are other innovations such as improved baby swings and vibrating chairs that replace a rolling motion with more gentle, soothing motions. Budget, space limitations, and material preferences can help narrow down the options as parents hunt for a good way to rock their baby's tears away.


Bliss Out With Baby

Like adults, babies rely strongly on their sense of hearing for emotional and even physical cues. Babies who have recently been in the womb often respond positively to sounds that mimic the experience of being in utero. Noise machines that include heartbeat or womb sounds can be found in toys and other devices. White noise machines that offer soothing sounds are also available at online retailers, like eBay.

While many parents purchase sound machines to soothe a baby during infancy, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that noise machines can be used outside of the nursery, too. These machines can be used long past a baby's infancy to create a soothing mental space in any environment and can be invaluable tools for many nap times to come. Some parents find that they don't need to purchase a noise machine at all. The white noise produced by a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or other household appliance is often enough to soothe a baby.



Parents trying to soothe a cranky baby have a multitude of options. No matter which one parents choose, it is important for them to stay calm and positive when trying to soothe their infant. Babies want to return to a state of calm, but it often takes a while for them to teach themselves how to soothe, sleep, and relax. With a bit of patience and the help of the myriad of useful devices on the market, babies and parents will be calm and collected in no time.

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