Tips for eating healthy

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Hi all, i have some tips here for when you decided to start fresh, become a healthier person and start eating healthy.

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Below are some tips:

Eating healthy will give you some health benefits, but you won't achieve the full benefits possible unless you exercise. Exercising doesn't have to be hard, and you don't even have to break a sweat. Just go for a short 30 minute walk four times a week will greatly improve your health. If you consume more calories than your body needs each day, your body will store the excess energy as fat. In industrialized countries, that excess body fat is unnecessary. 

Your next meal is as close as your local grocery store (assuming you are living in the city or the suburb) and we don't need extra energy stores to hold us over till the next meal.

Use extra virgin olive oil when cooking. It's purer, and is better for your heart than other kinds of olive oil. The darker the better. Furthermore, "light" olive oil has as many Calories as extra virgin olive oil -- the "light" refers to the color and flavor intensity. Unfortunately, though, using extra virgin olive oil when cooking at higher temperatures ruins the flavors that make it "extra virgin". Soybean and canola oils are not very good contrary to previous belief. They actually stimulate fat production and storage. Consider eating leafy greens like Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens and Swiss Chard. They are packed with nutrients and will fill you up very quickly. A simple sautee with olive oil, garlic, a little salt and pepper and you have a surprisingly tasty meal that is very nutritious. This takes patience.

You won't see a drastic drop in your cholesterol level or weight or increase in your energy level immediately. You need to give the changes in diet some time to kick in. Check out spices like Turmeric, Cardomom, Cumin and Cayenne.

Studies say these have great antioxidant properties (especially in the liver) and the heat will get your heartrate up and metabolism going.

Have a positive and upbeat attitude. If you start your new diet thinking "This is something I have to do," instead of "This is something I want to do," then you've already failed before you started. Adding whole, unrefined grains to the diet can add valuable vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be lost, however it can completely upset our digestion as well. Many animals that eat grains have 4 stomachs they use to digest them adequately, and ferment them so they can uptake nutrients.

Humans have only one stomach, and if you introduce grains without first fermenting or sprouting them you may experience digestive upsets. There are various anti nutrients in grains (like phytic acid) and enzyme inhibitors that will prevent mineral absorption and lead to deficiencies and digestive problems. To remedy this, take oatmeal and soak it the night before in a little bit of yogurt. This will make it taste slightly sour, but make it more digestible.

Sourdough bread is also another good example. Read the labels on everything you eat. Don't just buy something because it is marketed as being "healthy." Lots of companies trying to sell their food off as healthy when really it is full of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and hidden sugars. This is also the best way to learn about a product. It gives you almost all the information about that product you'll ever need. If you're trying to lose weight, try to choose foods with low calories. If you want to gain weight for a football team or some such reason, you are going to choose food with lots of calories. However, too many calories, not enough exercise, and eating too much at one time, can make you fat.

Avoid processed foods. They are unnatural so are more difficult for your body to break down which means they will lie in your gut making you feel bloated and lathargic.

Eat things which are not messed with such as raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice, wholewheat pasta and so on. Don't drink diet fizzy drinks. The artificial sweetners are much worse for you than real sugar. If you can't give them up, make the real thing a very occasional treat. Seek solace in the fact that once you are used to eating fresh, healthy food you'll really begin to like it.

You will stop craving cookies, chips, fries - everything that was damaging your body to begin with. Eat before you shop so you can focus on your grocery list without having any unnecessary cravings.

When i first started trying to eat healthy i didn't know what i was eating. As i read up on things to eat and not to eat i became more away of the right foods i should be eating now i follow a strict plan i wrote for myself and stuck to it and now i've become a better and more energetic person.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you at some stage. thanks for reading my guide. bye :)

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