Tips for luring in potential buyers.

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Sometimes less is more when it comes to writing your item title. If you give too much information you risk the potential buyer not viewing your item. Whereas if you just say, for example "Chanel designer gown red current season" more people will look then if you said "Chanel gown broken zipper size 14"

If you get them in for a look they may consider purchasing the dress because they love the look of it, hence tempting them to bid on the dress and get the zip fixed.

So sometimes it can be a good idea to avoid using words like 'used' 'preloved' 'old' 'broken'  & 'seconds'.

Another tip for improving your item title is to capitilize on designer names and popular products. Again without giving away too much information.

For example, if I had a bulk lot of used make up, including a cheap unknown brand lipstick, used body scrub and a designer perfume sample, I would use my most valuable assest. Yes, you guessed it, the designer perfume!

What to use "New release Brittany Spears perfume "

What not to use " bulk lot of used beauty products Tims body scrub"

The idea is to lure the buyer in .

Consider researching your product before listing it. Get an idea of the demand for such an item. Also what is the average opening bid? What postage cost are the other sellers' using? Better their prices or match them.

Take advantage of when items are finishing. For example if the Da Vinci Code book has 5 listings but only one is finishing in the next 24 hours and the other 4 still have 5 - 10 days left with no buy it now option. Then perhaps list your Da Vinci code book with a buy it now option. This caters for  the buyer who wants the item immediately and or don't want to waste time trying to win the item.

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