Tips for scouring for your favourite music

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Finding music you like is fairly easy when you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, but what if you just want to browse for music you may not know about, but may turn out to be interested in? Searching for music through the categories provided by Ebay's search function is one way, but there are certainly other, more fun ways to go about it.

Just because you like a particular genre of music doesn't mean you are neccessarily going to like the overwhelming majority of everything that fits into it. One tip I have is to make a list of a few bands or artists you are interested in. Take a look through the listings for these bands, and take note of any sellers that have multiple listings of that band, perhaps even tag some items to watch that you may be interested in. If and when these items sell, see who the person is that won the item, and look through their feedback history.

"Why look through their feedback history", I hear you ask? When it comes to music, buyers on ebay rarely buy on one-off occassions, instead they are likely to buy a whole bunch of records they like. This is where the feedback comes into the equation. Look at the buyer's feedback history, and check out what other records they have purchased in the past. You can usualy very quickly get an idea for this person's tastes, and if you are compatible with a lot of their tastes, you can perhaps check out the artists they are into that you have not heard, or even check out the listings of the sellers who sold to them.

It's a great way of discovering new music, and discovering sellers with great listings!

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