Tips for sellers to reduce postage on eBay

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As a seller, when your business starts to grow, you find that the amount of postage and costs increase in volume. However, there are a few things that sellers can do in order to 'reduce' their postage costs as much as possible.

1) As your business grows, you find you can take advantage of economies of scale effect. Buy stationary supplies in bulk - envelopes pens etc. (Remember - these are work related expenses and are tax deductable).

As a rough estimate, I usually buy the C5 envelopes in packs of 125 for $13 at Big W / discount warehouse stores.

2) If you are cashed up, try to bulk buy your post satchels. As the cost of these satchels continually increase, try and buy them off eBay in bulk and save!! Just ensure that the buyer is trustworthy - as the last thing you want is to spend a fortune and not see the item.
By doing this, in most cases you get more of a discount than if you buy them from the post office, and also it will help you feedback rating (as well as helping other sellers!)

3) As far as wrapping materials goes, try and 'reuse' any good materials you have. This can be anything from butcher's paper to newspaper in still good condition.

I wrap most of my things in newspaper for protection, then have scrunched newspaper all around the item to protect it. It's a much cheaper option than buying wrapping materials that cost a fortune, and buyers appreciate the 'effort' you go to try and protect they items in the mail. Obviously it depends on what you are selling.

4) Bubblewrap - as most of us know - bubble wrap can start costing a fortune after a while. To limit this cost - take a look at what the item is and how much is actually neded to cover or wrap the item. For hardy items, it usually doesn't need bubble wrap. Sometime the 'Jiffy-style' envelopes that can be bought from the post office can sometimes be more cost effective if you deal with small items that hardly need bubble wrap.

However, you might want to buy a small bundle of bubble wrap ($3 at Big W compared to $4 at the post office), and limit the amount that you use. Use only for fragile items and use newspaper on the rest, and you will find it's a lot more cost effective.

But be wary about the weight of the overall items - as applying a lot of newspaper can weigh the item down.

5) You can limit the no. of trips to the post office (limited to the post box instead) by buying stamps in advance so you have materials ready to go as soon as you sell an item.

6) If you want to use a registered post item, you can buy the 50 pack and save. However - if you don't use registered post very often it would be a waste to buy in bulk.

Buy following these 6 steps , hopefully they will help us sellers to minimise our postage costs and maximise what's left over for us!

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