Tips on what to look for when buying a used dirtbike

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Getting into a new sport can be hard, especially one that isn't really cheap to start off in.
You want to find a well maintained bike, and ensure your entry into the sport is a good one.
Is the engine ok, is the drive line fine, has it been thrashed or been swimming?
What will I need to replace or spend money on? –is always the most important question. New tyres, some sprockets, a chain, new guards and sticker set, can easily set you back a $1000 (before your first ride!) Then what happens if you need a new engine, suspension, swing arm bushes,  or wheel bearings?
Sellers will try their best to hide these things from you, it makes it even harder if you’re not mechanically minded or have any experience with dirt bikes
Hopefully this video will teach you what to look out for, when purchasing a new Atomik, TDR or a Pitbike (Hondas, Ktm’s, Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s –this applies to them all!)
If you would like to spend a few minutes watching this video you could save yourself a world of pain, and hopefully make you feel more comfortable in looking for a quality used bike (yes there are plenty out there!)

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