Tips to selling you Jewelley

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This guide has some of the things I have learned to sell your jewellery and anything else to sell in fashion.

Use the best quality you can afford to buy. Jewellery that lasts will bring back clients and word of mouth more clients.

If you want to sell in the higher price range use handmade Self Represented Artist beads, natural semi precious stoned, swaroski crystals and sterling silver. Not plated. There is nothing worse then lovely design that the findings look dull after 6 month and don't clean up.

Don't be shy with your prices. Be confident clients will pay for talent because not everyone thinks they are talented and can do what you are doing. Sell items that are worth the quality they are.

Always check out the latest fashion. Go to department stores or either on line. Look at the colours, bead shapes and styles. Doing this helps to keep you abreast and give you an edge on what is in fashion. At the same time design some thing totally different. Not everyone is into the latest fashion and some buyer like a unique piece. Don't ever copy, create out of  your own self.

You never know where you will find you next potential customer. Wear a piece of your jewellery even down to the local shops. You can keep a few pieces on you gift boxed with a telephone or web address inside or having a card with your email, phone number is a definite yes too.

Donating some pieces of jewellery to your favourite charity does help to get your name out there. Look at some of your local charitable organizations that have fund raising events. But do it in the right motivation of self accomplishment.

"Don't ask your self what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Harold Thurman Whitman.
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