Tips when Selling on Ebay, fees etc and info re paypal

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Setting up a paypal account is free and very easy to do.

What happens when someone pays me with paypal is it goes into my paypal account. If they pay with echeck I have to wait for the money to clear like a normal chq before sending the items otherwise people can cancel them.

Paypal charge the person receiving payment the fees not the buyer.

I can transfer the money from my paypal account anytime into my nominated savings account.. Any transfers less than $150 incur a $1 fee.. Any amounts over $150 can be transferred without incurring a fee.

Normally I start my auctions so I would break even if they only got one bid...

To list on ebay for 99cents its 30 cents.. $1 up to $19.99 ( I think) is 50cents.. To have a photo with your listing which increases bids is an extra 59cents.. Then whether it sells or not, you have to pay the fees.

You can relist the item if it doesn’t sell and if it sells on the 2nd relist, you get a rebate for the 2nd listing fee (30 or 50cents).

Then there is the final value fee when an item sells.. I think its 5.25% of the final price of the item (doesn’t include the postage, just purchase price)

I have proper postage scales at home.. cost me  approx $50 new on ebay so that I can accurately weigh them.

I buy postage stamps from the post office and do everything at home.

I buy satchels in bulk to save some money... (100 at a time)

I hope this helps...

It took me about half an hour to list my first item on ebay.

, Ebay does have free gallery and free 99cent listing days.. They are random and happen a few times a year.

Take some photos... For 2nd hand clothes I find it easier to sit with a tape measure and measure as I go. New ones sometimes I measure, other times I just list the measurements from the tag. Because they are new, they haven’t shrunk etc.

Saves people asking for measurements.

Oh, I pay my ebay account via credit card monthly. You can pay anytime you like.

You can choose to pay from your savings account too I can also make a credit card payment anytime for any amount I choose.

Its perfectly safe.. I have been hacked twice..and they CANT access my credit card details.. They can only see the last few digits which aren’t any good to anyone without the rest.

Dont click on any emails sent to you from ebay unless you are sure they are from ebay. I was hacked twice due to people sending me emails that looked real saying I had become a powerseller.... You will get any legitimate emails from ebay sent to you via MESSAGES In MY EBAY...

To become a powerseller there is high criteria to meet... You have to sell $2000 or more  per month averaged over 3 months to become a bronze powerseller, also have to have 98% or higher feedback and other criteria to meet too.

I was tricked so hopefully this will help you to keep safe.

Goodluck, its very exciting watching auctions with bids!!

Michelle aka mrigg30

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