Tips when posting to Australia - do's and don'ts

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In Australia, we have VERY STRICT CUSTOMS AND QUARANTINE LAWS relating to parcels received.

These are some tips for sellers who send parcels or envelopes in to Australia.

1. NEVER post anything in a box that was originally used for food, animal related, plant related including seeds or a box that has had an item in it that could carry insects or disease. This also includes boxes or packaging that has had cockroaches, mice, flies, etc crawling in it, make the effort to clean packaging and boxes before use. These packages will be stopped at customs and inspected, thus delaying the delivery time to the buyer. If the box is a high risk it will be held at customs until the buyer either pays for spraying of the box and its contents or the buyer pays for the box and contents to be returned to the sender. More delays, more money and definitely a big inconvenience on both the seller and buyer.

2. ALWAYS give a description of the item, as detailed as possible. If the description is vague and customs are not happy with that, they will open the package to verify the contents. Thus, again more delays in delivery.

3. MAKE the effort to packaging well, so as the buyer receives the item in one piece. ALSO, make the effort to clean the item before posting, first impressions make all the different. Buyers remember the seller's who pack well and send clean items, so they will tend to buy from them again and avoid sellers who don't.

If these few tips are used when packaging and posting to Australia, the end result means a happy buyer thus a happy seller. IT IS ALL GOOD.


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