Titanium Jewelry- Spaceship Cool Jewelry For Modern Man

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So, you want an ultra cool piece of jewellery which is strong enough to be used in aircrafts and spaceships, resistant enough to make heart valves, and light enough for everyday wear? Well titanium may be for you.

Sleek and Stylish...

Titanium is a very unique metal. It is abundant in our earth and has been found in meteorites, stars, the sun and the moon. Moon rocks brought back by Apollo 17 contained titanium oxide.

Like Sterling Silver good quality Titanium is hallmarked 'Titanium'

Titanium is a relatively new metal in the jewellery industry and is highly desirable for its light weight and incredible strength. It will never bend out of shape or dent and is hypo-allergenic and non corrosive.

Polished titanium is a grey metal colour often described as being between the colours of white gold and platinum. Titanium changes as it is heated to create black titanium.

Black Titanium ring featuring a celtic eternity design


Because of its strength it is virtually impossible to resize titanium rings so when you are making a purchase make sure you get the correct size.

A nice comfortable fit...

Titanium rings are popularly used as wedding rings and engagement bands but their stylish design makes them perfect for casual and business wear. These rings are still quite unusual. And what is better than being able to tell people you have a ring made out of the same material as aeroplanes?

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