Titleist Golf Club Buying Guide

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Titleist Golf Club Buying Guide

The game of golf is all about confidence, technique, and equipment. The Titleist company is well known for their high quality equipment that is designed for players who need the most performance out of their gear. The company has been working with professional players and amateurs for years and their clubs are often spotted at tournaments and competitions.

Golf is one of the most popular sports around the world, but whether players are experienced or new to the game, buying a new set of golf clubs can be intimidating. There are a lot of pieces that must be included in the set and there are many things to consider about each piece such as the size, material, and design.

History of Titleist

Titleist is a well known golf equipment company that was founded in 1910 by Philip E. Young. Philip was a sports enthusiast who loved golf, but was constantly frustrated with the quality of the balls he purchased. He ended up X-raying several of them and discovering that they were poorly constructed and had cores that were off-centre. This inspired him to take initiative and form his own brand of golf balls that would later be known as Titleist.

Putting Together a Titleist Golf Club Set

The first step in getting together all of the golf clubs is understanding what types of clubs need to be included in a complete set. There are 14 clubs in total that shoppers have to pick out. A basic bag should include a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-iron through pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and a putter. More experienced golfers may choose to switch out some of these clubs for others, or include additional clubs in the set. It is all a matter of how a golfer performs with the clubs. For example, some people prefer a hybrid club to an iron one.


Every golf club set has a driver and it falls into the woods category. Woods are used to tee off or drive golf balls long distances down the fairway. Often the driver is referred to as the 1-wood because it is the largest of all the clubs. The driver also has the lowest loft, which means that the club face is less tilted. Usually the driver has a loft angled from seven to 12 degrees. Lower degrees are more accurate, but require more skill. Higher degrees are easier to aim, but not as precise. Typically, expert golfers choose drivers with a loft under 10 degrees.


As mentioned earlier, woods are used for the long distance shots. Typically they are chosen for distances of 175 yards or more. Other than the driver, most golfers also carry a 3- and 5-wood club, also known as the fairway woods. The higher the number, the shorter the shaft is and the more loft the club has. When the shaft size is decreased and the loft angle increases, the club hits the ball higher and shorter distances. Usually golfers carry a 3- and 5-wood with them in addition to the driver. The 3-woods have a loft between 15 and 18 degrees, while a 5-wood has a loft between 20 and 22 degrees. The woods that are over five are known as the utility woods and are not used as often in the game.


Hybrid clubs use the wood head design in combination with an iron shaft. Irons are traditionally hard to hit with, so it has become popular over the last twenty years to use hybrids instead. They give players the ease of playability that the woods do, but they still have the range of an iron.     


Technically, an entire set of golf clubs can be made out of iron, but only the very cheap sets are this way. In the higher quality sets, the irons are only used for distances that are under 200 yards away. The closer the player gets to the green, the higher number they use to drive the ball. Most iron sets include a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and a PW (pitching wedge). Like the woods, the bigger numbers indicate that the clubs have a higher loft and a shorter shaft.

There are two basic types of irons that shoppers should be aware of. The first kind is called the "cavity back" and it has an indentation on the face of the club that makes it easier to hit. The larger the grade of the indentation, the more forgiving the club is. These are usually best for beginners who have more handicaps. Professionals tend to use "blade" clubs. These have no indentation and are harder to hit with, but they are also more accurate.


Wedges are a special classification of irons. They look very similar to the iron clubs and they are built similarly as well. However, wedges have much higher lofts and are designed to provide higher accuracy and put more of a spin on the ball. There are three main types of wedges that most golfers use.

Type of Wedge


Gap Wedge

Used for the awkward distances between the sand wedge and pitching wedge; offers more distance than the other wedges and is very accurate as well

Lob Wedge

For short distance shots that need to travel high and have a lot of spin; with this wedge, players can manoeuvre the ball around the green with shots that spin back to the hole

Sand Wedge

One of the most commonly used; ideal for sand bunker shots and chips in which the ball needs to go up into the air, but then spin once it gets to the green; not good for long distance shots

Often pitching wedges are mistakenly placed in the wedge category because of their name. They are actually considered to be with the irons and are usually sold with iron sets.

Golf Club Sizes

After choosing the kind of clubs to get, shoppers have to figure out what sizes they need. In order to get this part right, it is necessary to go see a professional club-fitter who measures the clubhead speed of the person to determine the proper length of the clubs. Players who have already played the game need to give the club-fitter information on their handicaps, strengths, and weaknesses so that the fitter can accurately select clubs that would most improve their game.

How to Shop for Titleist Golf Clubs on eBay

Brand name golf clubs can be pretty expensive to purchase, especially when buying a full set. Rather than going into a local shop and paying full price, consider staying at home and doing a little bargain shopping online. eBay is home to thousands of sellers who often have the same items listed. This gives you the opportunity to compare the prices of multiple retailers without going to multiple websites or shops.

There are two ways to find products on eBay. The first way is to look at the daily deals on sports equipment or golf clubs, and the second is to use the search bar. Type "Titleist golf clubs" into the eBay search bar to see what they have available. You'll have the option to indicate whether you want new or used clubs and you can also enter in the price range that you would like to stay in. Be sure to read all of the information on the products you are interested in and don't hesitate to ask the seller questions if needed.


Making the decision to play golf with Titleist equipment is a good choice, but there are more decisions to be made than just picking the brand. Players must select which clubs they want to include in their set by learning about their strong and weak points. Then they need to figure out what club sizes are best for their height and swing. What many people do not realize is that the average clubs are designed for people who are 1m 75cm (5 feet, 9 inches) tall. Anyone who falls outside of this category has to look for clubs with custom sizes if they want their game to be the best that it can be. Visit trained professionals to get the measurements and then shop online where it is much easier to find better deals on golf clubs.

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