To buy an Electric scooter or Gas Scooter?

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The purpose of my guide is to give some advice on buying a fun recreational Scooter. I'm on my 2nd electric scooter and I love it! I freely admit that I believe an electric scooter is much more superior than a gas scooter unless you have to travel long distances. Gas scooters do go a little faster and farther than electric but other than that there's real negatives: Gas Scooters are very loud, produce Smog and must be mechanically mantained. You have to mix gas & oil and you also have to transport them in a standing position. Be aware the Police are more likely to pull you over with gas scooter. Now about electric scooters: They cost about 3 cents to charge and will travel 10 miles, you just plug it in. They are relatively quiet, you can transport them any way you want even upside down! You do not need to tune up or gas up an electric scooter. In the long run they save you time, money and trouble. The only negative with an electric scooter is the weight due to the batteries, my scooter weighs about 80 pounds. When shopping for an electric scooter I look at the Wattage not Amps. I weigh 200 Lbs and my electric scooter is a Great White Rad To Go model. It has 800 watts almost 1 horse power and I've been clocked at 20 mph. On flatland I can go about 10 miles on a charge. It has airless tires which are great because its a MAJOR PAIN to change a flat on an electric scooter. It also it has 2 big batteries on it. I really like my scooter except it has only 1 brake and going down steep hills is very dangerous! Also remember a powerful electric scooter takes off much faster than a gas engine and you must accelerate slowly until you get the hang of it. I'm not endorsing any particular brand of scooter but remember Wattage is important for how powerful you want the scooter to be and make sure you have plenty of battery storage on it! Kids would do fine with about a 400 to 500 watt model. I would not recommend those big electric scooters that look like a Vespa unless they have at least a 1200 Watts. Remember you are hauling around more weight & added wind resistance with the shell plus they are usually under powered. The police will probably want to pull you over wondering why you don't have a licence plate also transporting this "Vespa looking" Scooter will be difficult. A note of caution: When ordering a scooter beware if seller contacts you later after the sale to say: I'm upgrading your model! This usually means they don't have the scooter you want and they intend a bait & switch with a underpowered model. Happy Riding!
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