To buy or not to buy, that IS the question

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I love eBay.  Who doesn't?  But there are some things that I'm sick of hearing from people.  The rip offs, the fraud cases, the scams.  There are 10 eBay commandments to avoid this.

  1. If it costs more on eBay then in a shop or by another company that does online orders, don't bother bidding or buying.  Laugh if you want but I've heard complaints from people and seen it in the feedbacks of other eBayers who believe they payed too much.  Then why did you bid in the first place?
  2. Check the cost of the postage.  If the item is too cheap, check the postage.  A lot of 'entrapuneurs' make up the cost on the postage.
  3. Research, research then do a bit more research.  If you don't know what you're looking for, you're on the internet.  Use search engines using simple phrases and go from there.  Then once armed with that knowledge you can confidently check the item is what you need
  4. Don't limit yourself to your country.  I don't believe in supporting my local people if someone else has the same item or similar that's far cheaper.  But, like number 2, check the postage
  5. Only buy from sellers who accept paypal.  Faster recovery if you hit a fraud and you're insured.
  6. Utilise feedbacks.  EBay put that service in so one can check the sellers integrity.  However, don't be too quick to judge.  Some sellers have a less then 100% rating because of impatient buyers or just plain rude people.  Also, there's a lot of negative feedback given around Christmas time.  Give them a break, they're trying to keep up with the orders.
  7. Never buy off someone who has a history of constantly changing their username.  Some do it now and then because they've changed business name or simply bored with the old name.  Those who make a habit of it do it so buyers won't recognise those who take the money and run
  8. For private sellers, never fall for the trap 'I've sent the money, can you send the item now please'.  They never posted the money.  There's also a scam going around at the moment where the buyer says 'Money payed, please send to my priest/wife/husband/friend/brother/sister etc in Nigeria and tell me the cost of postage and I'll put that in as well for you'.  Again, never payed, never will pay.  Or they say send it now and tell me the total once posted so I can pay you.  Good luck with that one.
  9. Some items are so obvious as rip offs but people still bid and buy.  There was once a 'Ghost in a box' for sale.  It sold too.  Amazing.  There's even been cases of food items that looked like some person or character e.g. a cornflake that looked like ET.  Expect to be bitterly disappointed.
  10. Finally, learn by other peoples mistakes.  There's a lot of guidlines and stories about the misfortunes of other people.  Read them closely and learn from their errors.
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