Toilet Seat Bidet for Hygiene in a Bathroom

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Bidets have been used all over the world for 1000's of years for personal bathroom hygiene. The bidet conveniently and easily attaches under your existing toilet seat and can be installed on a bathroom toilet in under 30 minutes. No plumber required to install our bidet on your toilets. It gives you a shower fresh clean everytime.

Benefits of Using a Toilet Seat Bidet include:-

• Changes your life for the better.

• Using bidet water to wash your posterior and feminine parts leaves you feeling clean, fresh and germ free.

• It also stimulates your bowel and therefore is excellent for constipation.

• The feminine wash nozzle preserves cleanliness during urination and during menstruation.

• Provides thorough hygiene for the whole family, greatly enhancing personal hygiene far beyond what toilet paper alone can achieve.

• Safe and gentle for children to use, clean bottoms means clean underwear and therefore easier laundering.

• Helps in the alleviation of haemorrhoid pain in addition to reducing the risk of infections.

• Toilet paper can be very rough, especially on sensitive skin.

• Perfumed and coloured toilet paper is usually toxic and irritating to sensitive areas.

Dual nozzle, Unisex, self cleaning and retracting nozzles.

Bidets are eco friendly, saving trees and water. Over 100 million rolls of toilet paper are consumed world wide everyday. Just imagine how many trees are destroyed to supply this much paper, only to be flushed down the toilet.  Don't wipe yourself with the habitat of endangered species, use our bidet instead and be guilt free.

To read more on the benefits of using a bidet, visit our ebay store 

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