Tokidoki Fakes on eBay - How To Spot What's Real

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You would be very fortunate to get a REAL Tokidokibag under $100 as the line is discontinued after Vacanze (Christmas) and many real bags are real collectors items.

Good luck! If you have any further questions please feel free to email!

I have 14 Tokidoki bags and love it, still am buying more!



List of signs that a seller is probably selling fake tokidoki items:

1. If the bag does not have the “qee” toy(spring 2006-summer 2007) or tokidoki Adios keychain(fall 2007 onwards) attached to it on a keyring with a chain, proceed with caution. All tokidoki bags (including wallets and acessories) come with a qee/tokidoki keychain - except for Braccialettos. Those who make fake tokidoki bags are not good at reproducing realistic versions of the tokidoki qee, so some fake bags don’t include one or try to hide it in their auction photos.



2. The bag has a first season tokidoki print with a qee from the later seasons attached, or the attached qee looks fake. The first season tokidoki print bags came with either a blue Meomi cat qee or a pink Dalek qee with a “5″ on its chest attached. First season tokidoki print bags did NOT come with the white qees with the flower face, except for the tokidoki Black bags.

3. The bag does not have the decorative chain on it that all Tokidoki bags (including wallets and acessories) come with.

Example of fake Tokidoki bags that are missing the decorative chain and have a little skinny fake chain in its place:

4. The zippers on the outside of the bag are made of plastic and/or are not multi-colored. On real Tokidoki bags, all of the zippers on the outside of the bag are made of metal, and are multi-colored (rainbow colors in a random pattern)*. Also on real Tokidoki bags, the inside zippers are plastic in a color that matches the inside lining, with a generic standard zipper pull that matches the hardware color. Some fake Tokidoki bags have a zipper pull on the inside that says Lesportsac on it - real Tokidoki bags never do!

5. If the bag/wallet/accessory does not have round zipper pulls with Tokidoki characters engraved on them, or other hardware in the same color with Tokidoki characters engraved on them, it is fake. Note that the color of the hardware on real bags changes depending on which season and print the bag is. First season bags had green hardware (plus blue hardware rings attached to the strap), and subsequent seasons have silver or gold hardware. The color of the decorative chain on the bag always matches the hardware color as well.

Example of a fake Tokidoki bag that does not have the correct color hardware - note that the hardware is all silver when it should be green & blue (it is also the wrong shape, the zippers are too short, and it is missing the qee and decorative chain):

6. The bag’s strap does not have the name LeSportsac repeating on it. Real bags have the LeSportsac logo repeating across the length of the strap, and the logo imprinted into the strap. Some fake bags have this too, but the font will look wrong and too small, so examine the straps closely!

7. Something about the pattern or the colors on the bag look off to you (trust your instincts).

8. The auction does not specify the bag’s name and style number - sellers with real items will be able to provide you with this information, so that you can look the style up on the LESPORTSACWEBSITE or to make sure that the style really exists and looks like it is supposed to. If you have never seen a Tokidoki bag in the style you see on ebay and can’t match it to any of the styles on my Tokidoki Bag Archive or the LeSportac website, it is fake! Fake bags are also sometimes sold as a “set” of two bags, even though no Tokidoki bags are officially sold as sets.

Another fake bag “set” example:

Example of a fake Tokidoki bag where the bag style was never made in ANY print - there is no such thing as a tokidoki weekender (this bag is also missing the qee & ball chain, doesn’t have rainbow zippers or the correct hardware on the zipper pull, doesn’t have the right color trim for the Spiaggia print, etc.):

9. The bag is listed as new but does not have LeSportsac tags attached.

10. The seller is located in Thailand, which is where most of the fake Tokidoki bags seem to be coming from. A seller location in Thailand is not a guarantee that the bag is fake, but should be a sign to proceed with extra caution.

11. The price is too good to be true. You are not going to find a real Tokidoki bag for a BIN of $30 on ebay. EVER.

12. The bag has an inside tag that says “Carefully Made in the USA.” Real Tokidoki bags are made in China!

Example of a fake inside tag:

Example of outer tags that don’t match the bag:

13. The bag looks somewhat like a real Cammo Olive dolce style bag, but has a tag that says “Leopard Print Showcase.” If the tags attached don’t match what the bag looks like, it’s fake!

14. For Cammo Olive print bags, if the trim is dark olive with lighter green LeSportsac logos across it, it is fake. On real Cammo Olive bags, the trim is the opposite - light olive trim with dark olive LeSportsac logos.

15. For Playground print bags, if the trim is brown with tan LeSportsac logos across it, it is fake. On real Playground print bags, the trim is the opposite - light tan trim with dark tan LeSportsac logos.

16. The bag says Flower’ Spring on it instead of Tokidoki for LeSportsac where the logo should be in the bag design, AND it has a white Tokidoki qee that is missing the red star that should be on its left arm (check the photo of the real white Tokidoki qee above in item #2!) . Fakes have also been spotted that say Prosport instead of Tokidoki for LeSportsac where the logo should be in the bag design. Note that sellers may try to hide the Flower’ Spring words and fake qees on their fake bags - if it is hard to see what is going on in an auction photos, ask for better/more close-up photos. Also beware if a bag looks like it has been folded over oddly in places to hide its fakeness giveaways.

Examples of some fake bags that say “Flower’ Spring” and have qees that are missing the red star on their left arms (these bags are also missing the decorative chains, and have fake skinny little chains instead):

17. Check the seller’s other items before bidding. If they have other bags for sale that you recognize as fake, then you can be 99.9% sure that all of their Tokidoki bags are fake. A seller with real items would not damage their credibility by mixing in fakes.

18. If the seller has zero feedback (especially if they also have an account that was created within in the past 30 days), you should proceed with extreme caution before bidding. Chances are that the seller keeps changing their ebay user ID to hide negative feedback they received from others who bought fakes from them previously.

19. The seller’s auctions include “Tokidoki” in quotes in the title line of the auction as a subtle clue that they are selling knock-offs.

20. There are new fakes coming out of Australia. Be careful if the seller only accepts Direct Debit (Westpac), as they do not offer the buyer the same level of protection that Paypal offers buyers. Exercise a similar level of caution with any seller who doesn’t take Paypal - Paypal offers the most buyer protection in case of fraud.

21. If the bag has the wrong print inside, it is fake. Check The TOKIDOKI BAG ARCHIVE for which colors/prints should be inside which bags.

22. If the bag is a Campeggio and the front pockets end above the bottom seam of the bag, it is fake. Real Campeggio front pockets end at the bottom of the bag, not an inch or two above it.

23. The bag is badly misshapen and/or the size of the print is way too large on the bag.

Example of a fake tokidoki bag side-by-side with a real tokidoki bag to show how the bag shape and the location of the zipper on the fake bag are wrong, and the size of the print is not to proper scale on the fake:

24. And finally, if still in doubt - ask to see a photo of the underside of one of the zipper heads on a rainbow zipper on the bag - if the bag is real, it will have the brand name “riri” + M6 stamped into the underside of each rainbow zipper head.

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