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Tom Clancy - The Sum of All Fears

The Sum of All Fears surpasses Tom Clancy's five previous novels in all the areas that have made him a worldwide bestseller - total authenticity, compelling plots, electrifying suspense and an uncanny knack for setting his explosive thrillers at the heart of tomorrow's headlines.

As Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, Jack Ryan, first seen in The Hunt for Red October, is coming to terms with a new world order: the Cold War has vanished and the political map is being re-drawn at an alarming pace. Ryan is preparing the ground for a Middle East peace plan that finally has a chance of working - but too many groups have invested too much blood to allow the plan to succeed. Shunned by their former Soviet sponsors and increasingly isolated by the shifting loyalties in their region, the terrorists have one final, desperate card to play, a card that requires a degree of ruthlessness never yet witnessed.

In the face of such events, Ryan is forced to confront a question he has never before imagined: what do you do if the Presidnet of the United States is incompetent to deal with the greatest crisis of all? With one terrible act, the world is plunged into nuclear crisis and brought to the brink of war. Jack Ryan and his FBI counterpart, Dan Murray, frantically seek a solution - before the heads of state lose control of themselves, and of the world...

Starting with a single bloody, heroic, but fatally flawed incident in the 1973 Middle East War, and taking his story into an imagined but convincing not-too-distant future, Tom Clancy has written his masterpiece to date, a thrilling novel that compels us to look at our world in a nw light.


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